KDE Plasma 5.0 and KDE Frameworks 5 Release


    So they waited. KDE Plasma 5.0 was released today (July 15, 2014), and in early July a set of libraries for the new KDE - KDE Frameworks 5 was released.

    KDE Frameworks 5

    First about the second. KDE Frameworks is now much more modular. Libraries are now divided into categories and “tiers”. There are three categories in total: Functional, Integration, and Solution. Functional modules do not have any runtime dependencies, Integration modules can have them for integration with the system and / or depending on the system, and Solution have dependencies on other libraries.

    Levels set the degree of dependence. First-level packages do not depend on other packages, but only on Qt and similar low-level libraries. Second-level packets can depend only on first-level packets, and third-level packets can depend on other packets of 3, 2 or 1 levels. Packages called “Frameworks”

    KDE Frameworks 5 brought some interesting new packages and updated old ones:
    • KArchive - library for working with any archives
    • ThreadWeaver - A Flexible Flow Management Manager
    • KConfig - library for managing configuration files
    • Solid - getting hardware information
    • KI18n - gettext wrapper

    KDE Plasma 5.0

    • New (flat) Breeze theme . A light and dark version is available. It looks great, high contrast, clean
    • New lock screen
    • New boring wallpapers
    • Full hardware acceleration through OpenGL and OpenGL ES. Plasma should now work on any device, including embedded
    • Redesigned Kicker and Kickoff launchers. Now they look a little better, working with them is a little more convenient, they take up a little less space
    • Improvements in the notification bar. Less popups, faster animations and transitions
    • Improved support for Hi-DPI displays

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