LG G Watch: full parsing from iFixit (and 9 out of 10 on the repair rate)

    The guys from iFixit continue to disassemble new devices, literally, by cogs. Now they have disassembled smart watches from LG, LG G Watch.

    Interestingly, such a small device turned out to be very rationally assembled, and so that almost any workshop will be able to repair the watch. A rating of 9 out of 10 on the repairability scale (10 - the highest score) speaks for itself.

    This is not Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which received one point out of 10.

    Here's what was used to disassemble the watch: Unscrew

    all 4 T5 Torx screws, snap off a couple of fasteners, and that's it - you can open the case.

    Remove the battery. This is a 3.8 V, 400 mAh battery. By the way, in a similar model from Samsung, a 300 mAh battery is installed.

    But the miniature rubber gasket, which serves to protect the watch from dust, and also makes it waterproof (up to immersion under water to a depth of 1 m for half an hour). In general, diving is not recommended, usually “diving under 1m” is a marketing technique. But you can wash the dishes in them. Maybe take a shower too (check? :))

    We remove the miniature motherboard.

    Some elements are surrounded by a colored frame.

    • Red: SK Hynix H9TU32A4GDMC 512 MB DRAM (Qualcomm APQ8026 is located under this chip);
    • Orange: Qualcomm PM8226 chip, power management;
    • Yellow: 6-axis accelerometer InvenSense MPU-6515;
    • Green: InvenSense INMP441 microphone;
    • Blue: 2407 DSH 12EDF

    Reverse side of the board
    • Red: Synaptics S3402B ClearPad 3400 Display Controller;
    • Orange: Broadcom BCM20715 Bluetooth 4.0 Chip

    That's all, the watch is taken apart:

    If suddenly something suddenly happens with your smartwatch LG G Watch, and the warranty period expires, you know that you can repair the watch without any problems.

    Via ifixit

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