PICASO 3D Designer X 3D Printer Review

    At the end of 2016, PICASO 3D introduced a new platform - X (X). It is based on its own know-how and experience of seven years in the market.

    We talk about the new PICASO 3D Designer X , its features and capabilities.



    PICASO 3D Designer X

    • Printing technology: FDM
    • Body Material: Steel, Aluminum
    • Software: Polygon X
    • File Formats: .stl, .plgx
    • Number of extruders: 1
    • Working chamber, mm: 200x200x210
    • Layer thickness, microns, from: 10 (0.01 mm)
    • The diameter of the thread, mm: 1.75 ± 0.1
    • The diameter of the nozzle, mm: 0.3 (0.2-0.8)
    • The temperature of the printed table, ° C, up to: 150
    • Extruder temperature, ° C, up to: 410
    • Print speed, cm³ / h, up to: 100
    • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB
    • Power supply: 220V ± 15% 50Hz (optional 110V ± 15% 60Hz)
    • Power consumption, W: 400
    • Dimensions with packaging, mm: 690x500x470
    • Dimensions, mm: 490x430x390
    • Weight, kg: 15
    • Price, rubles: 139 000


    The first printer of the series - X PRO - went on sale in the middle of last year.

    Rigid frame construction, the ability to work with any plastics, including engineering, network printing - all this attracted serious buyers.

    And, of course, the proprietary technology of printing two materials with fast switching JetSwitch.

    The appearance of a single-head version of the printer would be logical, and rumors about it appeared almost with the release of the Pro-version. And now, a year later, Designer X is on sale.

    About the printer

    In many ways, it is similar to the older model, the Designer X PRO. This is not just a “graphite” cube, but a device that will look great in any interior - from the garage and workshop, to the laboratory and production workshops.

    The most interesting is inside. The steel frame provides increased resistance to vibration, rigidity of the whole structure and durability. This slightly increases the overall weight, but it is worth it.

    It makes no sense to talk about mechanics in detail - the developer regularly adheres to the worked-out kinematics: the platform runs along the Z axis up and down along the cylindrical guides, and the extruder moves along the X / Y axes.

    Platform - no, it is not levitating. Everything is standard. But it warms up to 140 degrees, which gives room for "maneuvers" in working with a variety of plastics. The heating rate is one of the highest. And this is - saving time.


    An extruder is something that PICASO 3D can deservedly be proud of. It is completely redesigned.

    Everything is taken into account. First, it works in a wide temperature range, up to 410 degrees. And this means that he will be able to print with fusible materials, like wax Filamentarno Wax , and engineering plastics, and even refractory PEEK.

    In addition, in the near future it is planned to raise the maximum temperature to 450 degrees.

    Secondly, the built-in Flow Control encoder is able to handle and correct the most common failures and printing errors - it takes from one to three measurements every second and identifies such problems as nozzle clogging, tangled plastic, irregular diameter or filament breakage, many problems are solved automatically . Only in case of critical errors will user intervention be required.


    Whether it will be possible to upgrade the printer to a two-extruder is not yet known. There is insider information that work is being done in this direction, but this is not officially confirmed. So far, this possibility is indirectly indicated by only the second removable panel on the side. We'll see.


    Preparation for printing is carried out in a standard way for PICASO 3D printers - calibration, heating, coil placement with a filament, and threading into an extruder.


    Polygon X came to replace the Polygon 2.0 slicer.

    This software is fully optimized for the latest PICASO 3D devices, Russified and supports models that have already been taken out of production.

    With the help of Polygon X, you can manage the whole farm of 3D Designer X printers.

    But the most interesting and convenient is the work with profiles.

    You can select an existing profile in the printer’s memory or prepare your own.

    Now the slicing and the choice of material do not depend on each other. If you have a ready G-code, just select the material you need, without departing from the printer. Everything. There is no need to repeat the “cutting” - print jobs for PICASO 3D printers built on platform X are no longer tied to the material.


    Simplifies interaction with the printer backlight: white - the process is on, yellow - something has failed, green - the model is ready. Notifications can also be received via Polygon X.

    High temperature plastic printing

    Yes, we have not forgotten about PEEK. The polyether ether ketone thread melts at 400 degrees and Designer X is ready to work with it, as the manufacturer claims.
    We conducted a test print and admit that our fear for the extruder was in vain - a nearly three-hour experiment showed that the printer is fully suitable for working with this refractory plastic.


    • Excellent value for money
    • Rigid frame and closed design
    • Support a huge amount of materials
    • Heating the nozzle to 410 ° C and the printing table to 150 ° C allows you to print engineering plastics
    • Magnetic glass fixing
    • Platform X provides support for profile, alert and control systems.
    • Network printing support with Polygon X
    • Warranty - 2 years

    Samples of prints


    Zelenograd company PICASO 3D sets an increasingly high bar: its 3D printers can be compared with the developments of leading global brands. In contrast to the Chinese "copy-paste", the company's engineers come to new solutions that simplify and speed up the printing process.

    We will not get ahead of ourselves, declaring the novelty "sales hit 2018", but the potential of this 3D printer is definitely there - the results of the year will be shown.

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    September 21, at the exhibition-conference “ Top 3D Shop. Digital Education 2018 ”, which will be held at Technopolis Moscow, PICASO 3D will present a new, large 3D printer of the X series:

    PICASO 3D Designer XL

    Register for free, come to the exhibition and become one of the first to know the details about this new product.

    See you at the exhibition!

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