Useful materials for mobile developer # 60 (June 30-July 6)

    This week, Twitter opened an advertising application for everyone, the Pope of the entire iOS development shared his advertising successes, an interesting study of application security was published, Android Studio is nearing release and is in beta. Let's walk through the materials again.

    Application Porno or how to find secrets in mobile applications and take everything out

    In a news feed, I recently discovered a curious study where the guys downloaded and parsed the Android Playmarket, analyzed hundreds of thousands of applications for wired secret tokens and passwords. The fact that the result of their work concerned only the analysis of the decompiled code for Android made me write about a study that I conducted a year ago, not only for Android, but also for iOS applications, and which, as a result, resulted in a whole online- tool.

    Android app content indexing now available for all developers

    Do you have not only a website, but also an Android application? Now you can connect one to another so that users of smartphones and tablets can easily find application content directly in Google search results.

    Android Reactive Programming

    If you combine reactive backend and UI, you can get a quality product. This is what we tried to do by developing 2GIS Dialer - dialers that work through the API and at the same time should remain fast and convenient.

    Finances from solitaire sing romances

    More than a month later, I released two solitaire games for iOS. I give a financial report on advertising revenue from the mentioned opuses. For a change, the text of the article is diluted with jokes, football, politics, alcohol and sex.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization



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