BOOTSTRA.386: 1980s Bootstrap theme

    It turns out that some themes for Bootstrap are small works of art. As part of the impending Friday, I would like to talk about one of these topics.

    Chris Mackenzie is clearly one of those who miss the good old days of DOS, EGA / VGA and Turbo Vision, otherwise he would hardly have decided to do something like that. So if you have time to get tired of the dominance of flat design, then welcome to the world of BOOTSTRA.386 !

    Caution: be prepared for an acute attack of nostalgia. The only thing missing for a complete immersion is the navigation from the keyboard, and of the cursor in the form of a rectangular block.


    By the way, the author did not forget to make an excellent poster for his theme, stylized as an advertisement from the 80s:


    Demo , Repository .

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