LifeTrak: we thought Pebble had no competitors

    In the fall of 2014, the fourth LifeTrak with the index R450 (R415) will go on sale. The company has successfully discovered compass opportunities, and created the first round gadget in its product line.

    At the same time, such a radical approach to form is accompanied by the traditional careful approach to “content”. Those who remember how LifeTrak devices have sensitively changed , don’t expect revolutions from the R450, In the new gadget, the number of key features announced by the developer will increase by only one, from 12 to 13! In general, the watch is not for superstitious.

    As the official distributor of LifeTrak in the Russian Federation, we were among the first to get the new product and test it. What we liked and what is not in the new watches from LifeTrak - we read under the cut.

    Caution, traffic, lots of photos.

    Appearance and display

    LifeTrak gadgets have already appeared in Fashion magazines, for example, in Justine Magazine, as an element of a fashionable sport bow, so it’s worth assuming that a certain amount of bet has been made on the design.

    Manufacturers themselves characterize it as “smooth,” which can be understood as simple, artless, functional. The new LifeTrak looks logical even with a classic suit, not to mention less pretentious clothes.

    R450 inherited interchangeable multi-colored straps, so that the gadget can fit into a catchy youth wardrobe.

    For those who, for whatever reason, are hiding their interest in wearable devices, it is important that the new LifeTrak takes on the familiar shape of a watch, in which it’s hard to see the calorie counter.

    The straps are convenient in that they are dimensionless and fit tightly on the wrist of any volume.

    The straps are removable, they can be fixed with any color side out.

    Several shades of gray display all the necessary data on the LCD display: date, time, steps taken, calories burned, percentage of goals achieved.

    The “Control Panel” of three buttons allows you to switch different indicators on the screen.

    What we liked about the LifeTrak R450

    Say what you like, but in terms of functionality this gadget has outgrown the category of activity trackers or pedometers. This is a full-fledged smart watch, which will cost a little more than 5,000 rubles .

    Among the main advantages:

    - The gadget is very active when, it would seem, the least needed - during sleep. The watch evaluates the quality and duration of sleep and reacts to the slightest movements in the process. In addition, the R450 recognizes the time when a person falls asleep and wakes up, there is also a smart alarm function that makes waking up comfortable.

    Sleep mode

    - The developers emphasize that the new device monitors all types of activity, including false activity, and insist that all random movements will not be counted as an extra step (which the same Jawbone could sin). At the same time, the gradation in speed: step / run, loads: straight road / ladder, which is also taken into account when generating a report on burned calories, is preserved.

    - Many trackers did not have a heart rate monitor, so the R450 immediately got + 100 karma. The stated accuracy of the indicators gravitates to the results of the ECG, the heart rate monitor is driven by the push of a button. It is important that the meter works without the use of a chest strap.

    - Water resistance is important at many levels. First of all, this quality will be appreciated by those who systematically visit the pool and want to understand the value of their workouts. It will also be a plus for vacationers in the beach season. Diving up to 30 meters without damage is something neither Fitbit nor Nike could boast of.

    - There is enough memory to show you a seven-day schedule of your successes and achievements. Daily results are reset at midnight, and you can set new goals every day.

    Setting a goal in 10,000 steps.

    Accomplishment of the goal - so far only 204 steps out of 10,000 are still ahead.

    - The watch does not need to be charged. Like previous generation models, the R450 runs on batteries that last for up to 6 months.

    To this incomplete list of advanced features, a completely new feature has been added. Now the application with which the device is synchronized sends a notification about new messages, letters, calls. And although this addition is quite controversial, but it seems that it will find its fans.

    The app

    The graphics of the R450 are archaic, so many will find it convenient to work with applications. In addition to the official LifeTrak (which will be released this August), you can use Argus or MapMyFitness. However, at the moment, Argus also has problems synchronizing with the new tracker. We are sure that the software will be finalized by the official start of sales of the tracker.

    Needless to say, on the big screen the data is more convenient and pleasant to read than on the sub-blind face, although by and large, you will not see any overdata there.

    The sleek design and simple interface of official applications is rather a virtue.

    There will be:
    - steps taken
    - calories burned
    - heart rate
    - distance traveled
    - sleep duration

    All this will be visually decorated with graphs.

    Smart or not Smart

    The authors of the reviews turn out to be bolder, and include a novelty in the class of smart watches, although the developer himself, although with the prefix "smart", but leaves his device in the trackers. Judging by the initial set of functions, the R450 is poorer, say, Gear 2, which can take pictures and turn on the TV.

    On the other hand, it is still a watch that counts the pulse and sends notifications of missed calls. And for the price they are a little out of the range of similar devices, such as Ihealth or Misfit. Probably, it would be right to talk about some kind of transitional type of wearable gadgets, but there are no substantial grounds for this, except perhaps for the many-mentioned notifications and heart rate monitor.

    OfficiallyLifeTrak R450 goes on sale in September 2014, you can pre-order or find out about the presence of a watch-tracker on our website .

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