Bot for maintaining news feeds went to work


    A couple of days ago, many news sites received information about the use by the Associated Press of a robot to publish news. There were not many details, but the topic is quite interesting.
    Like any media company, the AR has some resources that allow it to publish information. And there are ways to evaluate the usefulness of published information. The most useful for readers were the financial statements of various companies. And the company Automated Insights has a development that allows you to automate the receipt of data and the preparation of such reports. This technology allows you to free journalists from the tedious processing and publication of financial reports and spend this time working with sources and the work itself. As a result, instead of 300 handwritten reports per quarter, you can now publish fifteen times more. It should be noted that simply publishing dry numbers is not a problem. For example, the sports section of the same AR has long been automated. But the addition of numerical information with comments is still new. Live journalists are still needed anyway - they literally edit and thoroughly comment on these reports. The routine in this case becomes much less. At first, of course, all reports are checked, but then it is planned to switch to selective quality control.


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