Annual online conference 2014


The digital industry provides the necessary set of tools for e-commerce and the leading role in it is played by the expertise and application of innovative tools. Today, one of the largest online conferences in runet, which we hold annually on the training site, was successfully held . Traditionally, anyone could take part in the conference, and for a long time this post was a kind of text broadcast of a live broadcast. Users asked their questions to presenters - leading SEO experts - live. For everyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the conference materials, we will soon post a link, but for now you can subscribe to receive materials here .

If you read our blog, then you probably already watched our broadcast from the comfortable updated studio. We tried to combine the reports so that this broadcast could save you a huge amount of time finding answers to the most relevant e-commerce questions and the right business -organization of the site, its structure, as well as methods of working on it. The time that you could spend on the forums looking for answers is reduced many times: indeed, it’s better to see it once! In addition, after each report, we examined numerous user questions, which could be asked here on the conference broadcast page.

Key Webmaster Issues

The conference began today at 11 am with a dynamic report by Arthur Latypov. After him, Dmitry Sevalnev spoke. The reports of both specialists complemented each other and highlighted issues of internal optimization and the correct algorithms for working on site semantics. How does automation affect the acceleration of these processes? What tools do industry professionals use now? What are the results achieved thanks to them? Arthur and Dmitry do not make secrets from their own techniques, methods and developments, willingly share them with students of their courses and the audience of the project. If you want to review the broadcast or could not see it, answers to these questions will be available on the project’s website in the near future .

Innovation and Expertise

In his speech, the head of the ALTWeb Group holding and MegaIndex service, Nikolai Khivrin touched on the most relevant topics that we are trying to cover on our blog pages and provided additional, most relevant information on the current situation with behavioral factors, rotation and other current trends in the industry. An innovative algorithm for selecting user accounts is the company's know-how. Nikolay talked about this control system in more detail, as well as projects in which these users are involved - in particular, the automated system for working with behavioral factors SERPClick . The topic turned out to be very interesting - more than 500 questions from the audience were asked online within half an hour.

E-Commerce and Internet Marketing

Victor Nagaitsev examined cases from practice in commercial ranking. He came with a ready checklist of quality control of stores for e-commerce sites, explaining in detail the requirements for each item. He also examined cases that he had to solve in practice in this area.

Technologies and methods of working on the Internet

Valery Kondranin, along with Mikhail Zhukovets talked about the technical aspects of search engine parsing. Good News: XML Proxy Serviceallows you to exchange and acquire Yandex XML limits: relevant for webmasters who are constrained by restrictions on the use of XML - for example, that in the daytime you can use no more than 20% of your own limit. Here you can share your unused limit - for a fee. Valery and Mikhail also made a short review of solutions that use parsing, and Mikhail shared his method, in which he uses parsing based on the semantic core to quickly collect information on the analysis of competitor sites.

Alexei Chekushin about the features of semantics, WordStat, counters and search hints - what has changed and what, perhaps, we did not know yet. How to separate commercial requests from non-profit? Why shouldn't a marketer make an e-commerce site structure? Due to what and why is the site structure expanding? A couple of questions about backfill: where should the product reviews be - on the product page or at a new address? How many requests can I promote on one page? - there are quite accurate answers to this question, which was voiced today on the air along with a kind of sensational statement: “I have a database of synonyms, but I won’t give it away.” and a new meme “Yes, you go to the top!”

Organization of work with digital agencies and choice of services

Nikolay Kiselev, who, according to his owls, speaks about painful - the customer is not always right. Although this is true, but what strategies can be productive and how to find the middle ground between the client and agent components in optimization? When a client is interested in you, this is a situation that is winning for both parties - that is the middle ground. And according to Nikolai, it is achievable. Nikolay will start with a review of the market structure and then move on to the criteria for selecting performers and evaluating the effectiveness of their activities, such as lead generation and real positions, as well as warning against possible mistakes that the customer may make when choosing a digital agency.

Leonid Grokhovsky told what services provided by specialists in Internet marketing are relevant for the customer. How to assemble page structure based on user needs and search query? How to create a trigger system for mailing lists? How are segmentation, cohort analysis and increased customer loyalty conducted? The synergy of various tools allows you to increase turnover by 10-20 times in two years - generally a freebie - according to Leonid.

The conference ended with a debriefing on user issues, led by Stanislav Stavsky.

Later we will publish the materials provided on the website .

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