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I wrote this post as my own continuation of the post “Voynich Manuscript. Manchu candidate . I recommend that you read it first, and then continue reading my post.

Since this is my first post, and I could not add my thoughts in the form of a comment, I’m taking a risk, so to speak. I ask you not to judge much. The text is not directly related to computer topics.

Scrolling through half the manuscript, I, being a little addicted to various aspects of maintaining health in an oriental style, saw a directory of medicinal, and not only, plants. This is obvious enough even for an untrained user. Moving on to the section where every sophisticated person will see first of all groups of naked women, I was confused. Women, channels, women from above, women from below. But after reading the above post to the place where the following was written: “How some VMS researchers argue the hypothesis that women in pools are an image of the internal organs of a person.”, I sincerely regained sight.

I will explain why. If we proceed from the assumptions that the manuscript is a copied text of Far Eastern (Manchu) origin, we need to remember that in this case we have before us not only a document created at the language interface (the person who writes weakly speaks the original language), but also at the junction of cultures.

What did I see. We always associate the Far East with alternative medicine. Recently, being carried away by the teachings of the Show-Tao, which in modern society is most fully represented by only one person, Alexander Nikolayevich Medvedev , and later, starting to study the works of other masters from China who teach specifically Qigong, I saw two trends that are fully displayed in MV. Firstly, an attempt to explain to the inexperienced student, the interlocutor, the essence of the doctrine, with the involvement of third-party, already familiar images that help more quickly learn new knowledge. And secondly, following the movement of “women” from top to bottom in some images, it occurred to me to describe the movement of Qi energy through the body. In particular, this is very well described in the book by Yang Junming, The Roots of Chinese Qigong. Secrets of Successful Practice. Moderately operating with images, the author described in detail what we observe in the illustrations of MV. It can be assumed that, when explaining to the author of the manuscript some principles of the human vital processes, the person in possession of knowledge used images of purity by analogy, a woman is a certain energy (Qi), or the concept of Yin, which is historically associated with the feminine and is associated with water, is implied water.

Logically reasoning, much becomes clear if the following facts are brought together:

1. The language of the manuscript is of Eastern origin.
2. Oriental culture has long been associated with a peculiar approach to a person’s lifestyle, his attitude to his health, the acceptance of the existence of some vital Chi energy that cannot be shown or seen, but it lives according to its own laws and can be controlled, for example, for healing.
3. For healing, using special plants that are detailed enough in MV. The fact that many of the painted plants are no longer recognized by modern botanists only means that many species of plants, like animals, disappear from the face of the earth.
4. The imagery of the description of processes within a person, which was probably the main way of communication between different cultural layers of the population, and even more so, different peoples, speakers of different languages. And, even now, communicating with foreigners in a relaxed atmosphere, we tend to use various gestures to simplify the understanding of what we want to say.

Conclusion: to everything written in the main topic and supplemented in this, one more wish arises for all professionals in their field and keen personalities. A real breakthrough in any difficult, seemingly insoluble matter is made by those who work at the junction of various fields of knowledge. Those who, by virtue of their unusual mindset, combine linguistics and databases, encryption and art, medicine and writing,atomic physics and linguistics .

UPDATE: Corrections to the text after reading the comments. It is quite normal, and thank you very much for leaving skeptical comments on such topics, they are nothing more than an alternative point of view that helps others look at the subject of the dispute differently and see the weak points in the arguments described above. And I am ready to explain some of them. Since initially I did not intend to formalize my article as something serious, but only as an addition, now I am correcting the situation.

Here, empty spaces are scattered randomly, in some places the text adjoins the pictures or the edge of the sheet without a gap, and nearby, on the same page, there are huge empty spaces. The drawings themselves look strange - made clumsily, but confidently. It looks like an abstract of lectures of a college student with boredom alternating text with drawings.

I absolutely agree with you, the layout of the text does not look well structured. But suppose that initially the text was copied starting with illustrations, and then explanations and comments were added to them. This becomes more obvious if you imagine what would happen if the manuscript was created in the reverse order. Everyone, probably, in his life made notes, as a student, barely keeping up with the teacher. And the experience that illustrations need a separate place came over time. And then not everyone. In addition, where only the text is written, it is clear that everything was filled out quite compactly and accurately.
Secondly, the quality of the illustrations. As already mentioned, the colorfulness of the sketch acquired later, before that there were only sketches.

For healing, using special plants that are detailed enough in MV. The fact that many of the painted plants are no longer recognized by modern botanists only means that many species of plants, like animals, disappear from the face of the earth.
--- They will disappear from the face of the earth, but not from its thickness.

Although this is not directly related to the discussion of the manuscript, I will still try to answer this statement. Flora and fauna, however much we would like to, is constantly changing. New species appear with a new set of properties: appearance, chemical composition of plants, features of development and reproduction, etc., and disappear as a result of global changes in the environment or as a result of destructive human activities. I do not quite understand what it means "but not from its thickness". If you mean that the seeds or the plants themselves are stored as fossils, then everything is not so simple. Fossil- This is a phenomenon that comprehends by no means all living tissue samples living on our planet. One of the main conditions preceding successful fossilization is the complete isolation of the object from oxygen. For this, a plant or animal must, in the short term after death, fall into a well-protected stratum of soil, which was not difficult for the dinosaur period, given the turbulent period of volcanic activity and the movements of the crust. Further, in order for the plant to undergo fossilization, it must get into special conditions when its tissues will be stably replaced by more stable compounds, without destroying the structure of the tissues. Third, hard tissues are more fossilized, and soft tissues are less susceptible. Therefore, scientists are much more likely to find bones and much less often plants, small insects. Although there are cases when even fossilized pollen of plants was found.
And finally, the time required for this process is tens of thousands of years or more. If we assume that the manuscript describes plants that existed even in the period of our era, then the chances of finding fossilized remains in the earth are approaching zero. Although, on the other hand, as I already said, a breakthrough in any research can be made by people working at the junction of different sciences. Perhaps it makes sense to present sketches from the manuscript to paleontologists.

And no one saw dragons walking around the planet, but this does not mean that they simply became extinct ...
But the theme of dragons definitely goes beyond the scope. I can only say that the widespread mention in various cultures of such a beast as a dragon can only mean that it can be anything, but not the one for whom it is given out. You can write a separate dissertation about this)))

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