WebCamp Preliminary Program Generated: Project Management Day

    From July 21-24 , as part of Odessa Innovation Week , organized by the GeeksLab project and RootUA Media , the V annual conference of WebCamp 2014 web developers will be held in the following areas: development , project management , design , Internet marketing and mobile technologies .

    July 23, the third day of the conference, will be dedicated to project management ( WebCamp 2014: Project Management Day) On this day, in parallel in two streams: “Tools and Practices” and “Real Life”, it is planned to discuss the secrets of managing teams and projects. Within the framework of the “Tools and Practices” stream, we will discuss current issues of using various practices and tools for the effective management of teams and projects. In the “Real Life” stream, leading managers will share their own experience in the formation, management and development of teams and projects using concrete examples.

    Representatives of such companies as Softserve, Сiklum Consulting, E5, Indigo, DataArt,, ADS group, MobiDev and others will make reports.

    The WebCamp: Project Management Day conference program is nearing completion. Among the accepted reports can be noted:
    • World of Agile: Kanban.
      Eugene Andrushko (Project Manager at Softserve).
      - What do the sakura and toyota garden have in common?
      - What methodology to choose on your project?
      - The real practice of using Kanban SDLC.
      - Kanban kick-start.
      - Kanban vs Iterative agile.
      - Software for Agile: Lean Kanban vs Jira vs Trello.

    • Five ways to increase your productivity with distributed teams.
      Timofey Evgrashin (Сiklum Consulting).
      Today, globalization has made distributed teams a daily practice. Often this is not a matter of saving, but an urgent need.
      At the same time, we often hear complaints about the inefficiency of teams sitting in different offices, and that they say only in teams sitting at the same round table “true” Agile is possible.
      Using my ten years of experience with distributed teams, I have identified 5 key ideas for improving team productivity.

    • Agile requirements management: how it happens in the real world.
      Prikhnich Alena (Co-founder & trainer @ E5, IC Agile certified professional).
      Sakharov Roman (Lead Business Analyst & Resource manager @ EPAM Systems, Co-founder & trainer @ E5, Certified Scrum Master, Trainer).

      The Agile manifesto says: “A working product is more important than comprehensive documentation.” Everyone understands this point in their own way: someone reduces the requirements for 1-2 lines, then receiving the fruit of the creativity of programmers, someone, on the contrary, seeks to describe everything in detail, spending time, during which the product may no longer be relevant on the market . How to find a balance, that golden mean that will help your project get the best balance: quality documentation vs time spent and resources?
      How to manage requirements on Agile projects, what are the pitfalls and how best to get around them. Typical User Story, Product Vision templates, touch on Story Mapping. Live examples from practice.

    • The perfect team: utopia or reality.
      Anna Stetsenko (creator and perpetuum mobile Agile-Oriented, GetThingsDone-Obsessed and Freelance-Advanced Indigo IT Recruitment Agency).
      - Is it possible to create a dream team that does not need micromanagement, control and motivate?
      - Is it possible to go beyond office slavery, go to work when you want, travel a lot, while being successful and achieving results
      Lovers to work in the office from 9:00 to 18:00 and rest 24 days a year is not recommended.

    • Motivation - a look from IT.
      Alexander Demura (head of the Odessa office of DataArt).
      What is motivation? Where does it come from? Is it possible to control it, or to influence it? A little theory, a few observations, and a few life stories about what the average project manager can do in order to positively influence his team.

    • Management of a development team in conditions of complete uncertainty.
      Maksym Klymyshyn (CTO at (GVMachines Inc.)).

    • Hidden reserves of the team.
      Mikhail Popchuk (Ciklum Consulting).
      There are situations when you are lucky with the selection of guys in the team, lucky with the customer and the ideal process is set. What else is needed? And the team does not show the result.
      In turn, a team assembled from mediocre guys with a rookie team leader overfulfills the plan twice!
      How to achieve synergy in a team, motivate colleagues and cause customer surprise by the example of a real team in the Scrum process.

    • How not to fail and grow in the first 3 years. Experience in the development of a company at a regional level.
      Dmitry Suslov (Head of ADS group).
      The realities of the formation and development of a company at the regional level. Experience in the field of micro-team management, development in the conditions of fierce HR competition. Prospects.

    • Persuasion ... or how to make customers obedient.
      Anastasia Berestovaya (Project Manager at MobiDev).
      Persuasion is one of the most important skills that Project Manager should possess.
      The most important stage of the negotiation process is preparation. The main aspects of the negotiation process:
      - how to formulate a negotiation strategy;
      - how to build your speech to convince the client - the tool “Structure of convincing speech”;
      - how to negotiate.

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    From July 21 to July 27 there will be a week of innovative technologies - Odessa Innovation Week .
    Within 7 days, participants will find a number of interesting conferences, workshops and master classes, in which specialists in the field of web technologies, mobile development, web design, Internet marketing and project management will discuss current topics in their industries, IT entrepreneurs will demonstrate feedback projects from mentors and coaches will receive their projects, beginning entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to create their startup in 2 days under the careful supervision of domestic and foreign mentors. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, find partners, and, of course, have a good rest on the Black Sea.

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