Smart LiftWare spoon will help people with nervous system disorders (hand tremor)

    Now not only cups with styluses are getting smarter, but also kitchen utensils, for example, spoons with forks. For example, a spoon from LiftWare helps people with disorders of the nervous system that lead to tremors (constant trembling) of their hands.

    This tremor is observed in people with Parkinson's disease (moreover, such a disease affects not only the elderly, it’s enough to recall Muhammad Ali). And normal for people with disorders of the nervous system is quite difficult. It is for such people that LiftWare spoons are designed.

    There are a lot of electronics in the handle of the spoon, including an accelerometer, mini-motors, a control circuit and a battery.


    The microcontroller reads the readings of the sensors, gives the command to the micromotors, and they compensate for unnecessary movements. According to the developers, about 70% of involuntary movements of a person are smoothed out.

    As a result, a spoon with all its contents is safely delivered to the mouth of a hungry owner.

    According to company representatives, such spoons can be very useful in various hospitals, resorts, and ordinary restaurants, where people with nervous system disorders can eat normally. And at home, such spoons / forks will be more than in demand.

    So the pen is charging.

    By the way, the level of tremor can be measured using the free application ( iOS ).

    The company also supplies interchangeable nozzles, spoons and forks. Each nozzle costs 19.95 US dollars.

    You can order all this either from the manufacturer, at a price of $ 295 for a “smart” spoon or fork + 19.95 for a nozzle . In addition, an order can be made at Medgadgets for 13,350 rubles.

    The kit includes:
    • A spoon
    • Charger
    • Storage Case
    • Travel bag
    • 10 cleaning wipes

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