iOS Programming Techniques

    For six months we worked on a new edition of the book “ iOS 7 Programming Cookbook ” and finally the book was published. As usual, a 30% discount on the electronic publication is valid for the habr community. Coupon code is 9963c7ab , the offer is valid until July 7th.


    The book you are holding is a new, completely rewritten collection of iOS programming tricks. It will help you deal with the urgent problems that you have to face when developing applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You will quickly master all the information necessary to get started with the iOS 7 SDK, in particular, get acquainted with solutions for adding realistic physics or movements to your applications - the UIKit Dynamics API will help you with this.

    You will learn many new ways to store and protect data, send and receive notifications, improve and animate graphics, manage files and directories, and also look at many other topics. When describing each programming technique, code samples are provided that you can safely use.

    • Create vibrant and realistic user interfaces with UIKit Dynamics.
    • Use a keychain to protect the data in your application.
    • Learn to work with the accelerometer and gyroscope.
    • Enable Auto Layout to automatically layout user interface elements.
    • Explore working examples that use gesture recognition.
    • Control camera accessibility and learn how to work with the photo library.

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