RuSSIR 2014: VIII Summer School on Information Retrieval

    On August 18–22, 2014, the 8th Russian Summer School on Information Retrieval “ RuSSIR 2014 ” will be held in Nizhny Novgorod . Before that, the school was held in Yekaterinburg, Taganrog, Petrozavodsk, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and  Kazan .

    This year it is organized by the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Russian Seminar on Evaluating Information Search Methods ROMIP with the participation of Yandex,, Google, ABBYY and the Lectorium .

    The main theme of the school will be data visualization in information retrieval tasks. The working language is English.

    The school program includes six core courses, a plenary course and sponsor presentations, as well as the RuSSIR Young Scientist Conference.

    Basic courses :
    • Katja Hofmann (Microsoft Research) - Online Experimentation for Information Retrieval;
    • Alfred Inselberg (Tel Aviv University) - Visualization & Data Mining for High Dimensional Data;
    • Dmitry I. Ignatov (Higher School of Economics) - Introduction to Formal Concept Analysis and Its Applications in Information Retrieval and Related Fields;
    • Preslav Nakov (Qatar Computing Research Institute) - Web as a Corpus: Going Beyond the n-gram;
    • Sujatha Das G. , Cornelia Caragea , Xiaoli Li, C. Lee Giles - Document Analysis and Retrieval in Scientific Digital Libraries;
    • Paolo Rosso (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia) - Author Profiling and Plagiarism Detection.

    Students, graduate students, researchers and developers are invited to participate in the school. In total, it is planned to take up to 120 listeners. Participation is free; for those who need it, the organizers provide grants for accommodation (quantity is limited).

    I want to participate! What to do?

    To take part in RuSSIR 2014, you need to fill out an application and send a poster report or scientific article describing your work - development or scientific research.

    The work should correspond to the subject of the school, and may relate to one of the following areas (the list is not complete):
    • IR and theory and models;
    • Data structures, algorithms, and indexing;
    • Natural language processing;
    • User interfaces;
    • Semantic Web and knowledge databases;
    • Text mining, information and fact extraction;
    • Mobile applications for IR and Databases;
    • Dynamic media and data streams;
    • Social search, recommendations and personalization;
    • IR evaluation.

    Work must be done in English.

    A poster paper is the easiest way to attend a school. It is a brief two-page paper for presentation in a poster session. The work may contain already published material or incomplete research (work-in-progress). A completely suitable option would be a poster "based on" course, diploma, bachelor or master's work. Poster articles undergo a very “loyal” review. For developers who are not engaged in active scientific activities, a poster session is a great opportunity to talk about their project, discuss the problem with an interested and qualified audience, and get to know like-minded people.

    How to prepare a poster article was described in detail inlast year's post . Much more stringent requirements are imposed

    on a full-fledged scientific article (full paper). But then, the articles selected as a result of reviewing will be published in this international scientific journal from the series “ Communications in Computer and Information Science ” (indexed in the international Scopus database and included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission ).

    The article should contain an original, never before published study. Its maximum size is 12 pages. The work should be framed in accordance with the Springer template . To submit a PDF-document with the text of the article, you should use the EasyChair service. Selected works will be presented at the RuSSIR Young Scientist Conference as part of the summer school. For those participants who submit the full article, as a poster during registration, simply upload the abstract of the article.

    The deadline for submitting the registration form is June 30th .

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