Scream of failure experience

    I wrote a post that I usually don’t read myself. No time. There are a lot of ideas in my head, and I don’t know which one to implement first. There is no time to read non-technical information.

    This is not a success story, but some kind of “way of the failures” of a person who wants to create something of his own, something cool and useful for many, to be honest, free and work for himself. If this is about you, then I ask you, read this post and do not step on my rake. Take 10 minutes . I will try to speak briefly and to the point.

    I am the creator. I always want to create something new. I would give a lot of links here, but the post will be considered as PR. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and new ones are constantly being born. From some theoretically it is possible to make a profit, and some can only satisfy one’s own interest. You can look at my posts on a habr to see at least something. I am a PHP programmer (+ MySQL, JS, HTML, CSS | NGINX, debian and many more skills), who can easily get a job with a salary of about 100+ TR per month, but however I live on a miserable 20 tr per month. There are a couple of large projects behind me, in one of which there are more than two million code symbols written by me personally over the year.

    The reason for most of my failures is the wrong mates / companions. I always wanted to do all my ideas with someone else.

    How to do business with friends

    Best of all - nothing. Everyone probably heard about this. But I thought this: these are my friends. I am sure of them. If someone is unlucky, this does not mean that I am also unlucky. But alas, I was wrong. This is a dead option. It’s good when friendship grows out of business, but not vice versa. Better not even try. But if you decide to try, then give up this idea as soon as your friend does not fulfill his duty for a reason that is not respectful in your opinion .

    How to choose partners / partners

    You can find a smart, talented, responsible person who has something behind him. Like you. This person will agree to work with you, be inspired by the idea and begin to work. And there will be fruits. Just keep one thing in mind: such a person will have his own ideas, which will be more interesting to him, and which he will implement. Such a person will leave you at any moment. Keep this in mind.

    How to distribute shares in the project

    Offering another person to work on a project, you will inevitably determine the shares in the project. If the idea of ​​the project is yours, then always keep yourself at least 70%. Then you can reduce your share in favor of a companion, but only then, after the results. No 50/50, otherwise the situation may turn out when your companion first worked and then stopped, and still insists that he has a 50% stake.

    How to distribute shares in the project 2

    Do not reduce your share in the project below 50%. Yes, you started, work. Your companion works. It seems to work well. It promises that it's generally cool and work hard. Asks for a share more. So: do it smoothly, and in fact how it will be “cool and work a lot”. And try to keep a "controlling stake" in yourself. Leave yourself 55%, but definitely not lower than 50.

    How to start a project

    Yes, you’ve heard 100,500 times that you must first code the prototype first, test it in practice and only then take it seriously. But perfectionism often takes its toll. You have not yet worked out the idea, but you are already selecting a VPS provider for the project and you think that doing on mysql will not be optimal, but faster than on mongo. God damn it, do whatever you like, check it out. Maybe you are not writing a viable contraption.

    Who to start the project with

    With no one. Independently. Do it yourself. Make a damn prototype alone. Do not offer anything to anyone, do not involve anyone in the project. If your prototype shows results, then cut it yourself and save money to hire a person (outside, not your friend) for a salary. Once again: if your project needs money, then save it yourself, borrow from relatives / friends, go to startup incubators, but please, do not attract friends, promising them a 50% share for giving you money for the project . You will bite your elbows later. If the investor is a normal investor, not your neighbor or former classmate.
    If you dig a little deeper, you will realize that you can do it yourself!

    What and whom to trust

    It may happen that your companion will not be engaged in code, but will be engaged in the development of the project, writing texts, etc. etc. So: do not give him access to the code. In this case, immediately discuss: your code. This will give you extra leverage. Disagreements - they washed down their version separately with blackjack and ..., and left the old one, not giving access to the server.

    For the most part, in this article I scolded myself. But they are such a rake. I would like to advance and advance ... Most of these problems will disappear if you approach these issues unscrupulously. For example, doing something behind someone’s back.
    I would be glad if I reached out to someone.

    PS This is not a whining. And I'm not offended by anyone. This is an experience that I share. Let's get around the rake!

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