RPG JS v2 framework for creating a browser-based 2D online game

    Recently, the second version of the RPG JS v2 framework based on the CanvasEngine engine has been released.


    Basic Information

    Author: Samarium
    License: GPL
    Language: English, French


    - RPG JS is a framework for creating a browser-based RPG. To work with this framework, you must have minimal programming knowledge that will facilitate the creation of the game infrastructure. (scrolling, collisions, movements, etc. ...)

    - The RPG JS is written in HTML 5 and Javascript. For working with bitmap images, sprites, etc. uses EaselJS library

    - Scripts from RPG Maker XP can be converted to a map for RPG JS

    - Compatible with browsers: IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera



    - No need to download a client
    - Ability to bind a database (using AJAX requests)
    - Ability to link with other content on a site
    - Ability to use a mouse
    - Adding nonexistent commands to RPG Maker
    - Integration of tactical RPG
    - Ability to make a full-fledged game like MMORPG
    - Ability to play on iPhone / iPad / Archos
    - Open Source



    RPG JS uses the same structure as RPG Maker. Download the map, specify the properties and all :-). In fact, you will still need to indicate what events will occur on the map. Next, you will need to specify events with the appearance of pages and controls.
    At the moment, the framework has already implemented:
    1) Full-fledged single-player game (based on RPG)
    2) Interaction with events
    3) Tactical RPG using mouse, keys, touchscreen (there are minor bugs) A

    video demonstrating the capabilities of the engine:

    Also, a convenient generator is available for this framework for $ 27.9.

    It has an intuitive interface for quickly creating maps from a set of tiles and objects, properties taking into account collisions, movements of the hero and his interactions with non-game objects.
    Simply put, anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge in the field of programming, using this generator can create the basic elements for the game.
    Thanks to a large game database with many objects, weapons, armor, skills, etc. ... You can easily come up with an adventure for the heroes of your game and the world around them.
    For example, you can indicate the sensitivity of the weapon, the experience gained, use the elements “Fire”, “Ice”, “Wind”, etc. ...
    More detailed information on the available functions onofficial website of the generator .


    Off site and demo of RPG JS v2
    Russian-language development branch for RPG JS v2

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