OpenXcom 1.0 Released - Free Version of X-COM

    There are old games that can be called legendary. After decades, they retain a large audience of enthusiastic players. Among these legends are Doom, Civilization. The UFO turn-based strategy: Enemy Unknown (X-COM) also belongs to them.

    Since the initial release of X-COM in 1994, more than a dozen “clones” or “spiritual successors” to this game have been created. And now the community has completed work on OpenXcom 1.0 - the first major release of the free version of OpenXcom. The free version supports higher resolution, added new features and fixed many bugs of the original X-COM.

    The release of OpenXcom 1.0 is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of X-COM. The development of a free clone has also been going on for quite some time: since version 0.9, 5224 commits have been made, 606 tickets have been closed. The work took more than a year, and three and a half years have passed since the release of version 0.1! So this is a really big release.

    The list of changes made in 1.0 see here . Here is some of them:

    • Rudimentary support for mods in configuration files (ruleset).
    • Support for several new languages.
    • Localization of the installer.
    • New names of soldiers from different countries.
    • The new battle mode loads the available cards from separate files, so now they do not need to be embedded in the main game module.
    • Completely redone "Options" menu, settings can be changed during the game

    This is only a small part of the innovations.

    Download OpenXcom 1.0 for Windows, Mac OS X, openSUSE, ArchLinux, Gentoo, OpenPandora, Android.

    OpenXcom 1.0 source code : Cross-platform game can be compiled for any platform. It is written in C ++ using the SDL library and published under the GPL. However, to install OpenXcom 1.0 you must first install the original X-COM.

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