Where do web sites go after death? Personal experience

    Hi habr.

    A long time ago, more than 10 years ago, I started a website for myself. More precisely, even two. The first was a typical home page in the style of narod.ru (if anyone remembers), honestly composed using Notepad in HTML. Contact and LiveJournal was not there, so having a website with a photo gallery, news feed, a guest book and a visitors counter at the bottom of the page was then cool. The second site in the domain com, was intended to host several shareware programs. For him, even a corporate design template was purchased, so the site looked quite good at that time.

    I never became a shareware genius; 1-2 sales per month brought in no more than $ 25, which could have been enough except for going to McDonald's, updating my homepage with time, too, was tired. Paying monthly for hosting has become meaningless, and it was decided to close these sites, simply not to renew them, and that’s to the end.

    Passed a couple of years. What was my surprise when, for the sake of interest, typing the address of both pages, I saw that both sites still exist. How do they work? Details under the cut.


    Obviously, anyone can buy a vacated domain, and there would be no “intrigue” here. However, my homepage had an address of the form http: //wasapupkin.spb.ru , and besides me, and no one would need a complete namesake who lives in the same city. Therefore, it was 100% obvious that after the domain was not renewed, it would simply go into oblivion.

    But it was not there. Having typed my address, I saw something like this.

    The texts are blurred so as not to make free advertising to new owners, but the approximate content consists of randomly created texts like “bbw in underwear”, “tattooing for free” and other nonsense.

    Of course, because the address of the site was known by friends and acquaintances, and even he was searching by my name and surname, I didn’t want a page with “fat girls in underwear” popped up when opening “my” page.

    The first thought was that the admins of my hosting provider “earn additionally” - they simply hammered the vacated domain with random content, and hope for some pennies from clicks from random visitors. However, the tech support provider replied that they had nothing to do with, the domain was renewed again in another place. As shown by whois, the hosting is American Cloudflare, and the date of the last update is 2017-02-17. Equally important is the fact that neither close the site nor change its contents is no longer possible.

    Page on .com domain

    Let's say, to score pages with random text, it is quite simple. With the second page, everything turned out to be even more original. "New owners" retained all the old texts, screenshots and page hierarchy, replacing the site template with a modern one. Only all links are removed, only text is left. On the main page, an advertisement of some VPN Port Forwarding service has just been added (of course, I will not provide the link).

    It turned out a kind of "flying Dutchman", a site with empty pages leading to nowhere.

    The whois data says that the domain is quite active, though the hoster is different:

    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.namebright.com
    Registrar URL: www.DropCatch1129.com
    Updated Date: 2018-03-12T07: 21: 26Z
    Creation Date: 2018-03-09T19 : 32: 02Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2019-03-09T19: 32: 02Z

    Of course, as in the previous case, it is already impossible to remove the domain or change its contents, it belongs to the new owners.


    The result as a whole turned out to be interesting - as it turned out, “scavengers” exist on the Internet, and even a completely unwanted and closed site may well “rise” again. Although everything is clean from the household and from a legal point of view - what was thrown away does not belong to the owner. The fact that the name of the site coincides with someone's name, the reason for its closure can not be. In the second case, theoretically one could get to the authorship of the texts, but of course there is no practical sense in this.

    Apparently, it is impossible to fight this - except to prolong the domain all the time by yourself, which would also be meaningless. But the owner of home pages should be borne in mind - you should not be surprised if on the page with your name and surname there is then completely left content.

    PS: By the way, as it turned out, a page abandoned 10 years ago on narod.ru also still opens, and neither can be deleted, nor can it be changed - the old login, of course, has not been working for a long time.

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