Entrance protection through smart video surveillance without concierge

    It so happened that no matter how neat the neighborhood is, it always adjoins something, plus there are always idlers, non-idlers, and these children. This is if you forget about drug addicts, targeted thieves and robbers. Your home is your castle. The entrance of your house is also your home. (Yes, many people don’t understand this point, but it’s never too late to learn). Classical entrance protection methods - installation of reinforced doors; intercom installation; concierge installation; video surveillance over the entrances.

    It’s just that the doors open easily at the slightest mistake in their production, many intercoms are subject to “all-terrain vehicles” keys, concierges often sleep and do nothing, and video surveillance that nobody watches turns into a waste of money. As a result, almost all attempts to improve the social situation are killed by the neighbors by the elephant’s method: “what for we need them.”

    However, if you turn on your brains and think about it, in fact, you can get very effective results with very small investments.

    Related Realities

    First, so as not to get up twice, consider the first bastion of protection: doors with intercoms. A common mistake is a door with a pipe handle. What's so bad You can hold onto this handle firmly. Very hard. Also with an elbow. Or take two or three. At the same time, even a magnet per ton will not help - the door can be opened even without tools. By the way, so as not to get up twice, bug number 2 is a lever. Look where the handle is fixed at the door, and where is the point of application of the magnet (metal anchor at the top of the door). It is easy to see that a jerk of a person is applied to a large lever, so the efficiency of the magnet is still falling. The best option is a pen-smooth round pipka. You can easily open it with your hand, you can hang a bag on it to find the keys, but it is impossible to make any effort on it. All that remains is the crowbar - and this is a hack.

    The second problem is “all-terrain vehicles” on intercoms. For those who don’t know, the “cross-country vehicle” key is a tablet compatible with the iButton Dallas protocol, giving out code ending in FF: FF: FF: FF. Since the EEPROM with settings after the erase is clogged with FF, this code is in the key database, the door opens. In other words, this is just a program bug. The second key is 00: 00: 00: 00, for strange cases when the memory is clogged with zeros. The rest of the keys from the set of “all-terrain vehicles” are generally some local keys suitable for a particular batch or set of installers. In fact, it makes no sense to take them. Treatment - contact the manufacturer. In the case of classic Metacom intercoms (MK2003), the simplest solution is to buy firmware from exikom.ruand then when applying the all-terrain vehicle key, instead of opening, there will be a sound confirming reading and refusal to take the tablet.

    And most importantly - concierges. I saw great concierges - who are in the know where what happened in the staircase without even leaving their room. I saw concierges who don’t even know who lives in the stairwell. It all depends on the person. And the only way is if the concierge does not work well, it must be changed. Perhaps it’s worth collecting 10-50 rubles more from people and raising your salary to find the concierge a little better. In any case, these are monthly expenses, and not small. For example, we have 92 apartments in the entrance. For the concierge to be around the clock, according to the Labor Code, there must be 4 jokes (24 * 30 = 720 hours per month = 160 hours per month for one concierge = standard 40 hours per week). If each person is paid 6000 rubles a month in his hands, it turns out after salary taxes, operating expenses of the Criminal Code and another VAT from above - 500 rubles from the apartment. That is, almost twice as much as receiving concierges on hand. It is logical that after looking at these calculations, the neighbors slightly refuse. And therefore, as a rule, concierges cannot be counted on.

    Video surveillance, the basics

    And now we come to the topic of our conversation: video surveillance. What is the use of cameras if no one is watching them? And if there are cameras, what is the use of them? The correct answer to this question will help persuade neighbors to agree and improve the situation. The cameras have a certain psychological effect, motivating those who are generally adequate, but relaxed in life. The main thing is not only cameras, but also the “video surveillance” signs in prominent places. However, if you are hoping only for this item - you can not hang cameras, but dummies. It will be cheaper, but the same sense. And you can only sign.

    You have to watch the cameras. But if there is no dedicated person, then the presence of cameras becomes a burden for someone. The argument “something happens - we find on the record” is broken up on the first “something happened”. Why? Firstly, because what happened “something” should be very large. This is either robbery, or tangible vandalism, or theft. In general, something that will cause not just “damn it, again” but “it is necessary to understand”. Secondly, as soon as you start looking for this something, this will be almost the first case when you get acquainted with the interface of the recorder. That is, you don’t know where to poke, what to watch. And the most interesting is good if the number is known when it happened. Watching a day on a regular DVR - it’s necessary to have an already acidic viewing experience, otherwise it will be long, tiring and inconclusive.

    The cameras must be of very good quality. If you watch the cameras continuously - it can be any disgusting quality, since having noticed something happening, you can go out, scare and remember who it was. If you look at what happened after 3-4 hours, then the fact that a bunch of gray pixels has moved toward a bunch of other gray pixels will make you neither hot nor cold. Yes, of course, it is with this quality that our valiant police work most often, but you still need this, not the police. If the police cannot do it, they will close the case by timeout, and you will be left with money thrown into the air for the cameras.

    Cameras should hang meaningfully. What is the use of the hanging camera if the person who came in is visible only from the back at an angle of 100 degrees from above? By recording it will be impossible to even evaluate growth, not what to find.

    If you are collecting video surveillance not only of the entrance, but of the whole house, then it is necessary to take into account not only human, but also traffic flows. Cameras with wide-angle lenses are good for viewing, but machine numbers are not visible on them. If you cover the entire territory so that the numbers are visible, a ton of cameras will be required. Therefore, in addition to covering the overview of adjacent territories, it is necessary to provide a speed bump on organized entries and exits, and a camera that is well focused above it, as narrow as possible, with good strong IR illumination. Then the numbers and sizes of the cars will be clearly visible, so if something happens, any of the cars of the yard will be identified.

    Placement practice

    In our house, a peculiar architecture - 4 porches, and all 4 are different in internal geometry. Common is the presence of entrances on both sides of the house. And in all but the first 2 elevators and a separate entrance to the stairs. Additionally, a large area between the houses (belonging to the cadastre of both houses, since this is all a single complex with underground parking). At the same time - it is surrounded by driveways, so it is impossible to separate the territory with barriers and a fence. Since the microdistrict is located in the center of the old building, there is a certain problem with drug addicts who have stumbled around, stealing trifles from the entrance (such as fire hydrants), as well as breaking everything that is possible (mailboxes, switches, shades) in search of bookmarks. All this translates into a considerable increase to the bill for minor repairs during the year, and simply reduces the comfort of living. For some reason I’m not happy when you need to turn on the light you need an accurate, accurate poke to the broken switch hanging on the wires. The concierge was already at the entrance, but even before I checked in. According to the recollections of eyewitnesses, she was from the Shobbylo series, her neighbors did not see, and her location in the entrance due to two entrances is very uncomfortable - she did not see even half of those passing by. Therefore, the effectiveness of the concierge was corrected by abandoning it. Do not change the same, in fact.

    1st floor plan (obtained by the gimp from the plan of the remaining floors, so there are some inaccuracies):

    Label “1” is on the side of the main entrance - there is a ladder + a ramp for prams made by a “snake” with two bends. Mark “2” is on the back of the house, at the door on the stairs. Street bullets with white backlighting were put at these points. Most of the time, the backlight does not work, but if the bulb burns out, then this is the backup street lighting. T38F based cameras work in 3mpix mode. What's bad is that there is no WDR, so a bright area forms in the bright sun. In principle, it does not interfere.

    On the back side (2) of the house everything seems to be fine - due to the position, the camera sees the front as coming (when climbing stairs and when leaving the entrance). But on the face (v. 1) only incoming people are clearly visible. All departing - only from the back.

    Inside, there are three interesting points - two elevators (points A and C) and mailboxes (point B). Unfortunately, the corridor in front of the concierge room and the concierge room itself remain out of sight of the cameras, but this is not critical - there is nothing interesting there, and both corridors are closed by cutoffs.

    Initially, I wanted to get by with two cameras - only points A and B, but the system did not pass through - from the point A you can’t see the entrance to the elevator, in addition, in the case of a cold, so that it doesn’t go through, sometimes the doors are closed. Therefore, in the end, I had to put 3 cameras. Point A, in addition to a small elevator, also monitors the entrance to the stairs leading to the parking lot.

    The main problems with placing cameras inside are the limited visibility. Even placing the camera in the very corner, you need to take the most wide-angle lens - all the cameras I have with 2.8mm lenses. Initially, the Chinese sent me an internal 4mm lens “since there are black corners on 2.8”, I had to change it to 2.8 myself (and then just replaced the cameras).

    Since we are collecting a budget kit, in addition to cameras, we will need: an 8-port switch, a UTP-5 cable, a power supply, connectors, crimping, a punch, cable ducts, distribution boxes, and a ladder. Since I collected everything at my own expense and exclusively on my own, I placed the MDR6048 power supply in the dashboard of the apartment, a 4-gigabit 4-piece cable coming out of the apartment was pulled to the 1st floor. another one, the same, goes away from the source for power, the source voltage is raised to 50V (to cover the voltage drop on 9 floors). On the 1st floor above the same shield there is a large distribution box, inside which the TL-SG1008P switch, powered directly from these 48V. the power for outdoor cameras comes from the PoE port of the switch, the power to the internal cameras is thrown through the collective farm PoE (passive splitter for empty pairs). Although all 5 cameras that are installed now,

    From the distribution box under the ceiling, cable ducts are thrown to both exits. Smaller distribution boxes are placed near the cameras, in which wires from the cameras are hidden, and the cameras are connected to the network. Also, PoE power adapters (48V => 9V) fit in perfectly.

    In principle, when transferring this economy to the balance of the house, you only need to place the server in a room with fire-fighting equipment, take power from the same place, and route the network cable to the distribution box with the switch. It makes no sense to transfer the switch somewhere, since the connection to the other entrances is still pulled through the basement, which is easiest to get from the shield through the same low-current channels.

    Installation is perfectly done in one day by two people with a break without stress. The main thing is to find power for the punch, or take a cordless punch.

    Additionally (from where it all started) a camera hangs at point C on my floor, which allows you to know exactly all the come and go, all the shooters, advertisers so as not to disturb anyone in case of improper behavior.


    As I wrote above, cameras without viewing behind them are practically useless. Therefore, it is necessary to properly organize a constant review of everything that is happening, but with tangible savings of their own time. Using trial and error, the following usage scheme was compiled, which gives the maximum profit with a minimum of costs:
    - recording is done around the clock - this allows you to not lose anything important even at the edge of the camera's view, which usually does not capture a motion detector;
    - a motion detector is working on all cameras, marking the presence of movement on the viewing timeline - this allows you to later check if necessary a full day, find when one of your friends was on, etc. quickly;
    - a detector for a long stay is working on platforms near the entrance door - thus, any person who is near the door will generate an alarm and a mark in the archive for more than an average time that must be viewed;
    - if necessary, separate zones are added, movement in which causes an additional alarm generation;
    - the camera on the floor generates tags in the archive for any movement, as well as the generation of an alarm for atypical behavior - entry into the niche of the garbage chute (which does not work) and crawling with your hands above the casing of the elevator (classic movement of the crank arm).

    Of the necessary functions, however, the absence of which does not kill:
    - closing alarms with a mark (norms, false alarms, danger);
    - search by movement in the region (the varieties “search for a trajectory” and “search for clusters” turned out to be practically useless);
    - the search for "find this person" (worked very well at macroscop ... very straight);
    - inter-chamber tracking (you get a little tired of jumping on cameras manually);
    - search by signs;
    - hot keys (you cannot run into one mouse);
    - Easy software upgrade (full uninstall then full installation ... this ... is not Habrovsky at least).

    As a result, during the day I spend several 5-10 minutes quickly looking through active alarms, marking them as “normal” or “false alarm”. If something interesting is discovered, the export is immediately made from the archive of the event itself, “how it came” and “how it left” and other details are searched, a corresponding statement is formed, still frames and the application is sent to the relevant authorities. And if the detector in Axxon worked as it should (and how they promise that it will work in the 4th version), then the time required was two or three less than now ...

    Unfortunately, not one of the software packages tested at the moment has allowed us to fully implement the entire use methodology. At the moment, it almost completely covers the needs of Axxon Next from ITV, and, in theory, everything allows you to implement Trassir from DSSL. Axxon Next is still actively used, Trassir is installed and configured in parallel. After the final choice, I will describe in a separate post my experience from using various software, communicating with their technical support, the pros and cons of this use. If anyone has any other software in mind that can allow you to implement all of the above items immediately - let us know in a comment or PM. If it is possible to provide a test key too, it’s very good, however, whether you want such a harmful tester like me is another question.

    Practical results

    Oddly enough, but after installing the cameras, even the number of drug addicts in the stairwell became significantly less. Although this did not happen immediately, but after about three statements about the Nariks staggering on the floor (even before the cameras were installed on the 1st floor).

    By the way, about the statements. For maximum effectiveness, the application must be taken alive to the department. However, I'm lazy, so I send almost everything from sites. This is 2-3 days longer before the start of business on the application, but there is no need to go anywhere, but the result is the same. A good statement should contain only facts. Any speculation (for example, found in VKontakte "etolet" should go marked "presumably ..." or "in my opinion." This immediately simplifies the work of investigators - which facts need to be checked first, which last. If something you can clarify for yourself (name of an advertising company, address of a child’s contact or something like that) - apply immediately.The more information in the application, the more likely it will be considered in the first place, since it requires less effort to disclose; ) Immediately make still pictures with key information - faces, actions, full-length silhouette, etc. The video is the most difficult to attach to the application (they need to download it, burn it to a file, file it to the file, view it, etc.) , and the video is still not proof, so a good set of still images often again reduces the amount of work, and the “threshold for entering the beginning of processing”. Another point - when you write what happened, write the date, time and actions as if you had observed it personally. Then, instead of “video recording”, there is a concrete witness of action, which, if necessary, is proof, in contrast to the mere fact of recording on uncertified equipment. and the video is still not proof, so a good set of still images often again reduces the amount of work, and the “threshold for entering the beginning of processing”. Another point - when you write what happened, write the date, time and actions as if you had observed it personally. Then, instead of “video recording”, there is a concrete witness of action, which, if necessary, is proof, in contrast to the mere fact of recording on uncertified equipment. and the video is still not proof, so a good set of still images often again reduces the amount of work, and the “threshold for entering the beginning of processing”. Another point - when you write what happened, write the date, time and actions as if you had observed it personally. Then, instead of “video recording”, there is a concrete witness of action, which, if necessary, is proof, in contrast to the mere fact of recording on uncertified equipment.

    Typical addicts: one , two .

    But they were also with cameras on the 1st floor, this is already more interesting. Entry-exit , their behavior inside . The cameras here were with a 4mm lens, so the view inside is disgusting, but quite sufficient. A statement was sent to the police, the answer came quite interesting: they could not establish identities, but they could not talk to a young man named Denis ...

    But lovely peoplewho to enter the intercom rang into different apartments. They called me too. Turned out to be creative! They said that in a kind of apartment (a floor below), and that the intercom tablet does not work. Someone still let them in, and they came ... To me on the floor. Check battery. They removed the casing from it, and there they carefully searched. Not found, sir. Considering that the girls came for the same evening (at 23:30 they called a random apartment and let them in!), Obviously some drug dealer threw them: D The
    reaction of the district police officer “Oh! I know this! She's not a drug addict! Although stop. Her sister is a drug addict ... ”

    “ This one. ” Boredom walking kidsthey expropriated the tray with the earth from the neighbors on the 1st floor (passing through the cornice of 1 tile wide at a height of 2 floors) and scattered on the joke. Why they did this is incomprehensible. IDN did not receive a response from them, but made a suggestion.

    "This is # 2". Children have fun a little differently . Squeezed out a window. The juvenile inspector was explained that they were “frozen” and “climbed to warm themselves”. Let's say. The window was set tightly on the screws. What is noteworthy - a man put a broken window in place, who rented an apartment on our floor with a child for several days.

    Of course, these frames are the most annoying .. Lifts are not a bulletin board. Of course, I am sending complaints to the FAS immediately. I am glad that the companies apologize, ask for the addresses to be corrected, they say that this is a personal initiative of the advertising company ... However, they did not remove any of these ads. So at first I felt a little guilty for the application to the FAS ... And now I'm just waiting for it to be processed. FAS work very slowly - 2-3 months on average processing a single application.

    Well, the hit of the season is the theft of a stroller.The comrades simply annealed - first they came, went around all the floors. An hour later they returned, went in, stole, one dressed up the jacket on the other side, and carried it out on the other side. The main joke - after going out, the young one said, “Oh, there’s a camera.” And they all turned their heads to the camera. In general, the stroller was found and returned. As the investigators said, if it were not for the record, they could not be found. And so, they were looking for not a stroller, but specifically businessmen - one had three convictions ... In general, they did not believe in the camera ... As a

    bonus, the answer was "why they did not believe in the camera." The police usually work with such videos. Well, that is, when I brought the video to the policeman, he was happy “oh, what quality”, but I was ashamed - it was blurry, the focus is not accurate ... I saw a regular recording, calmed down.


    Prices are at the time of ordering and purchasing all used components.

    Outdoor cameras = ~ 13500 with EMS delivery. If you order at the current price of the lot (<$ 90), please note that this is a camera in the same housing but on a different module. Therefore, ask in the comments that the camera was on DaVinci - it is more expensive, but it is worth it. update : recently, cases of marriage from this seller have become more frequent).
    Internal cameras = ~ 17000 with delivery EMS
    Source MDR6048 - 729.16 rubles Switch
    TL-SG1008P - 2580 rubles
    Mounting of outdoor cameras on the wall - 2 * 210 rubles
    UTP-5 cable (100m) - 620 + 630 rubles
    Distribution boxes - 5 * 50 rubles
    Box distribution is great. - 250 rubles
    Cable channels = ~ 700 rubles
    Dowels, screws = ~ 50 rubles
    Two lost drills = ~ 200 rubles (one permanently walled up in the wall, one bent)

    The old unnecessary system unit works as a server, but I had to upgrade:
    AMD Phenom II X6 processor 1100T = 4500 rubles
    3Tb hard drive for the archive = 4300 rubles In

    total, it all cost me 45800 for one entrance to the circle. And by the way, if you ordered not by EMS, but by regular mail, plus cameras have now significantly fallen in price, so now it would have gone somewhere 10k cheaper due to cameras.

    Another cost turned out to be a Macroscop license for two channels = 7500 rubles (by the way, selling, if anyone needs it, it turned out to me that it does not fit).
    Fortunately, comrades from IPEyedrove me the internal cameras (at the same time as thanks for editing tcpfix and for the test, my hands are growing where I need to - bugs climb only the way), so the old internal cameras are free and I will sell them with pleasure (at current prices), if who needs cameras based on 53H20L. In principle, with the latest firmware they only had two problems - the problem was on TCP (I could not fix them, because I had to do too much), and 8.33 fps when there was a lack of lighting (even with WDR / AGC / etc / etc disabled).

    Future plans

    It is necessary to cover the entrances and exits of another 3 entrances, organize the registration of the entire traffic flow at both entrances, and take an overview of the playgrounds and parking lots on both sides of the house. But the expansion is planned only after the final selection of software, and the search for those responsible for monitoring in other entrances. No matter how little time it takes to view, the whole house takes too much time. Plus, you always need a backup person who looks after another porch while on departure / vacation. So everything goes as it should.

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