New in Spring 5. Project migration to Spring 5

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Hello! I continue a series of migrations to new versions of frameworks.
Last time, it was JUnit 5 in 10 minutes. , this time will be Spring 5.

When they talk about the new in Spring 5, they mostly start talking about the jet stack, dropping quite a lot of the new that appeared in it besides it. There are very few reactive drivers to the databases, so my video review about the other important updates, I hope, will be relevant for most Spring users. In addition, along with Spring 5.x, all its dependencies are updated: spring-data 2.x, spring-security 5.x. In January of this year, our Spring 5 / JPA Enterprise (Topjava) training project migrated from Spring 4.3.x to Spring 5. The process was fairly easy and at the end of a small video for 10 minutes I will also give all the changes in the project code.

New in Spring 5



TopJava Migration

In September of this year, Spring 5.1 is already coming out, keep up with the progress of releases.
Thanks for attention!

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