One Essay on Project Portfolio Management

    Good day to all! It so happened that the comments in the topic "Project Management: operational vs. project approach ” preceded my weekly vacation. I decided to conduct it with benefit and speak in some format on the subject of portfolio management. The format was originally supposed to be a book (and this is by UNESCO’s standard at least 49 pages), but then I decided that it was quite a lot for those who are interested in portfolio issues (and generally I am a person suffering from brevity). Therefore - a brochure.

    You can download it here . In short, it highlights the issue of portfolio management in terms of resource and risk management. Resources are understood as organizational assets and labor, and risks are the influence of negative factors. An analysis of alternatives is also considered. All this is involved in three “cocktails” of portfolio management - for those who like it easier, for those who love more seriously, and a moderate option.

    I give the contents of the brochure:
    1. Introduction
    2. Strategy around the head
    3. Tools
    3.1. Design Tools
    3.1.1. Financial project tools
    3.1.2. Management project tools
    3.2. Portfolio tools
    3.2.1. Financial portfolio tools
    3.2.2. Management portfolio instruments
    4. We create a flexible portfolio
    5. Between the plan and the fact
    6. “Cocktails” of portfolio management
    7. In conclusion,

    it will not be possible to find in the brochure:
    A. Examples “from life”. Examples of trust do not inspire me - you can always turn the statement in favor of some idea. Therefore, these tricks were omitted,
    B. Description of the well-known project management tools (scheduling, and other PMBoK). Because everyone already knows them, but no one would have paid me for the water in the text.
    C. Full-fledged binding to IT. Therefore, everything can be considered there on the example of IT, since I have been working in the IT field all my life, with the exception of a couple of episodes in trade and mining.

    Nevertheless, I really hope that at least someone written in the brochure will benefit. I believe that even if at least someone takes and begins to use the tools described in the brochure thanks to her, this is already an occasion to pour champagne.

    In the comments I will be glad to learn about useful books in the field of project portfolio management. In my opinion, there are very few of them.

    PS Please do not scold for typesetting - I had no designer talents from birth.

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