DevConf 2014: Piracy and other threats to Android applications. How to protect yourself?

    The issue of piracy is one of the topics of discussion at DevConf :: Mobi .

    Almost anyone who posted applications on various markets, especially if the application is paid or contains In-App purchases, probably faced with the fact that their application was broken, they turned off the licensing system, made clones and inserted their ads, or even collected malware based on it .

    A report by Ivan Kinash, co-founder of Licel, is dedicated to this topic .
    The report will tell you what threats are relevant at the moment, and what they lead to.
    An analysis will be made of existing protection methods and we will find out how good they are.
    From the speaker's experience: there are many tips that you need to consider when developing applications for Android.

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    Did your Android application break?

    • 18.2% Yes, constantly 27
    • 6.7% No - I have good protection 10
    • 75% I do not have such a popular application to break it 111

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