OTK-110 Open Terminal Client - works with Citrix

    First, I’ll say: many thanks to Habr for giving me the opportunity to talk about the development of the Open Terminal Client for another six months.

    The news itself - now you can connect to the Citrix terminal server and work with published applications on the OTK-110, including with CAD applications (video under the cut).

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    I understand that it looks more like a tweet than a post, but I do not consider it necessary to describe how to use apt-get to install packages on Linux again, so briefly:
    • The firmware was finalized again, namely, the Citrix receiver client (taken from the Citrix receiver website ) of the latest version linuxarmhf- and the libraries necessary for operation
    • setting (web server address) is added to the shell, shell version 0.6.0, requires the latest firmware version - 0.6
    • if you select “connect to the Citrix server” in the firmware, a web browser is launched with the citrix server address to authorize the user, then the user can run published applications, that's all.

    How it works is better to see than to read, therefore
    Citrix-receiver demo

    In this video, the resolution is 1024 * 768. At 1920 * 1080 resolution, this also works, there is no way to record video.

    For the final inclusion in the firmware, you need to chat with users who use Citrix on their network - we do not have such experience. If you have any wishes / suggestions / amendments, write to support@itfb.biz or to the forum.

    Beta firmware is available - it can be launched from an SD card (can be installed in NAND).
    UPD: you can download a microSD image on yadi.sk/d/TjMp5wOCRBeC2

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