The MIREA created a Student Development and Innovation Center

    The agreement on the establishment of the Student Center for Development and Innovation was signed by MIREA Rector Stanislav Kuj and Boris Ivanov, Vice President of Rikor.IT.

    Joint training involves a combination of the educational process and student participation in design work. The company plans to engage students in the process of creating electronic components and in the design. Rikor.IT server equipment will be located in the Student Center, and the engineering and production departments of the company will work with students. For the work of the Student Center, a whole program of individual assignments, general meetings, scientific projects, conducting practice, lectures and seminars is planned.

    “The new agreement gives rise to joint training, design work and the joint development of IT solutions. In such a dynamic field as IT, the need for highly qualified specialists is especially acute. Technologies are developing and completely new directions of activity appear. Thanks to the Student Center, the involvement of young specialists and the development of our own EcoServer production, we will be able to develop Russian innovative potential, ”said Boris Ivanov, Vice President of Rikor.IT.

    MIREA students will undergo internship on the basis of the company and will take part in the development of integrated solutions based on the servers of Rikor.IT
    “I am sure the Student Center will become an effective platform for training qualified personnel for an IT company. Our students will be able to directly participate in the development of integrated solutions projects based on the company's servers and technologies, test and develop IT solutions, ”said Stanislav Kuj, Rector of MSTU MIREA.

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