Holographic Bill and Prince Charles

    To begin with about the second. His Royal Highness Charles , Prince of Wales (Eng. His Royal Highness Charles Prince of Wales) will be present at the World Future Energy Summit in an unusual way . The device complex provides live broadcasts, and the hologram of Prince Charles broadcasts to the audience. Of course - he wants to avoid spending resources on 12,000 km. flight, so as not to become an object of criticism again.

    The system itself consists of a video screen projector and a transparent film, creating the illusion of the presence of the “ Magnificent ”. Details, unfortunately, end there.

    But do not doubt the good intentions of the prince. It is still difficult for us to perceive all this fuss associated with global warming, but in the West there is an active struggle for the preservation of the environment. So Charles, succumbing to the general trend, wanted to show off.
    He, however, was late.
    Favorite Bill spoke to an audience of 400 people at the World Congress of Information 2008 in Kuala Lumpur . Everything went as usual, except for the way he did it. Appearing on an almost 5-meter screen and, probably, starting his five-minute speech with the words: “I AM ALL OF YOU TO REMOVE ALL OF YOU!”.
    Unfortunately, nothing of the kind happened, and he looked more like a giant-sized Master Yoda, rather than Palpatine.

    The press in Kuala Lumpur writes that the public has fallen in love with high-definition images. “The Microsoft founder and Emperor of the Galaxy looked impressive and realistic.
    The emperor is really, as always, handsome. But old Bill will have to do his physical form.
    via Gizmodo for Dvice.ru .

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