In defense of javascript: void (0);

    The other day I decided to watch the news via Google . I right-click on the link “other news” and in the context menu there is no item to open in a new window. I decided to look at the source code and see javascript: void (0);
    For me, this was news, because everything that I read before that was clearly against such a decision.

    I mean the situation when the link runs some js code and is not used for its intended purpose, then what markup is better to use?

    Void is better href = "#" since the behavior of href = "#" when opening in a new window is unexpected for users: the user clicks on 15 links with the right mouse button and opens each in a new tab. As a result, he has 16 tabs with the same document.

    So if suddenly the standard “javascript:” is canceled there are no collisions, use onclick = “return false;” with it. Spy on Google News:


    Also popular now: