How will mining be done on asteroids? Video training cosmos miners

    Despite the fact that mining on asteroids is still a good topic for science fiction works (in the sense that this is a matter of the future), NASA is conducting tests on the development of asteroids. By the way, the capture of the astroid, its delivery to the orbit of the moon with further study is not a matter of such a distant future, all this is included in the plan of NASA to prepare the Martian expedition .

    True, not on asteroids, but on their underwater models. Why underwater? Well, at least some kind of simulation of conditions on asteroids, with virtually no gravity and vacuum.

    Training is held at the Lyndon Johnson Space Center.

    Underwater, astronauts must exit the Orion capsule (it will be used in such trips to asteroids), in prototypes of “astroid” spacesuits. After going into space, space mining workers try their hand at extracting mineral samples.

    Here's how it all looks:

    Via NASA

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