“Smart” pillow, or measuring stress on the fifth point

    Now on the market there are many fitness trackers that can monitor the pulse, monitor the temperature and level of blood oxygen saturation, consider the steps. Typically, these gadgets are tight to the body: if we talk about heart rate monitors, they are worn on the wrist, or they fix the sensor on the chest. A “smart” Darma pillow is also needed for those who care about themselves. She does not measure the steps, but she is able to report that you are too tense - and that it is time to relax.

    Millimeter sensors are built into the pillow to detect the slightest movements of the body. The gadget collects data about the pulse, respiration, your landing. And sends them to your smartphone running iOS using Bluetooth 4.0.

    Why is all this necessary?

    Many people sit on the spot for a very long time every day, which negatively affects their health. Moreover, many do not follow the posture either. Problems begin with the spine, neck, shoulders ache, headaches begin.

    Is that familiar? The pillow should cope with this.


    Based on the collected data about your heart rate, breathing, movements and posture, the application will determine the overall level of stress, as well as give recommendations. For example, you sit too long - the pillow will tell you to get up and stretch your legs. Like the Jawbone UP24 , for example. Slouch? The application will offer to sit straight and remove your hand from the face. If the application is sure that you are too stressful due to stress, then it will offer you to relax and meditate for a minute. Of course, you can view all the data in the form of graphs in your iPhone.



    While development is still at an early stage, but by June the pillow will be launched on Kickstarter, and plans to launch sales next year. While the application is only for iOS, and the version for Android will do later.

    Regarding the battery: they promise that it will be necessary to charge the gadget about once a month.


    It is planned that the pre-order for Kickstarter will cost $ 149, and the retail price will be $ 249.

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