Porting Netsukuku to Vala completed

    - Close the world,
    txEn eht nepO -

    Many have already read about Netsukuku and thought the project had died.
    Yes, the history of this project is complex - created in C, was rewritten in Python and, after the maintainers refused to develop, was abandoned in 2009.
    In 2011, one unknown developer announced that he would rewrite everything to Vala.

    And so, on March 5, 2014, exactly three years later, the porting was completed .
    At the moment, some features are not implemented, but packages for OpenWRT are already available ( instructions ).

    And now, the future fate of Netsukuku is again in jeopardy!

    According to a message dated April 14, the developer is experiencing yet another financial difficulty.

    If you don’t know the Vala language, you can transfer bitcoins to the maintainer's wallet.

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