Cyber ​​Development Browser Game Update

    On the hub, I wrote a number of articles where I talked about the development of this game from idea to implementation. At first everything was very damp, but gradually we improved: we switched to a permanent address, the forum and chat work stably, good people helped with the graphics, work on the interface is underway, and of course the concept is improved every day. Below is a video on YouTube that reveals the basic concepts of the game, which are unlikely to change, but a number of points have not been included in the video, for example, the screen of fights between knights - there is still work to be done.

    You can play here

    Attention bots ...
    And yet, what is important to say at the very beginning. If you look at my articles on Habr, you will find out that I am engaged in including artificial intelligence. The concept of the game involves creating bots. In fact, for ordinary players, a number of points are already automated here. But the game environment is such that modern methods of artificial intelligence do not allow you to definitely get a win using a bot. At the same time, the game easily fits into a formalization, which can be described as “ searching for a state by a character in a game in which a certain criterion will be maximized under given restrictions .” This gives you the opportunity to arrange bot competitions. Therefore, I am calling for discussion, who would like to do this, I am ready to contribute and write an API for this.

    Game Concept News

    Cyber ​​Development is a free real-time browser strategy game. Getting into this world as a laborer, without property and experience, you may have a family, or it may not be. You can become a craftsman, merchant or knight. Each profession gives its unique advantages, and not necessarily a knight will be more successful than a merchant or artisan - everything is determined by the current development of the game world. A person may not be different, but you can play simultaneously for different characters, making them part of your family. So you create your own unique race, which will be remembered for centuries.

    Since last time , the concept has changed a bit. Instead of permission to make clones, the opportunity was made to manage them from one account and conceptually it turned into a concept of the game in the form of a "family". The concept of "Family" is quite important. A family can consist of both real players and clones. By registering in the game, the player’s character can get parents - other players who are already playing. It is assumed that more experienced players will help their "children" - players new to. But for “children” to appear, players need to create a marriage. And then they have a chance to get "children", the healthier the characters of the players the higher the chance. Having children is not just a social connection between players, but also has practical consequences. Spouse (s) and / or “children” receive an inheritance if a family member dies.

    Another type of family member is the so-called "Other family members." In fact, these are clones, only they are forbidden to have a family. They are useful in trading. Cities are distinguished by the availability of resources, and it is important to study where there are more resources and it is beneficial to have a representative artisan who can work on a daily basis by automatically extracting products. Then it becomes possible to create entire production and distribution networks. And the one who succeeds in this and will be in the top of successful players in the ranking.

    How the game was developed by the players

    I already wrote that players have a significant impact on the development of the game world. The game initially had only a small number of basic products of about 50 items. Now, players have proposed the introduction of new products and methods for their creation, and now there are already more than 120 items.

    I also mentioned that the players helped with the graphics. One artist (not a specialist) painted the background and all the buildings to display the city. And since the number of products is growing in the game, the need to display them in the form of a small picture is constantly growing. And here at first the players helped to find the corresponding drawings on the Internet under free licenses, and then they began to draw themselves.

    In addition to the development of the product chain, the core of the game suggests the ability to increase the characteristics of the character. These characteristics are enhanced by the creation of a number of items. Here, of course, some software support is needed, but it's worth it. Thus, the temperature in the city was introduced into the game, and the character experiences heat and cold, he can warm himself by heating the stove, he can cool, otherwise his health is lost. You can also create clothes that will warm in the cold. And this is just one example.

    Even at the moment in the game such a characteristic of the product as quality is not very often used. But at the suggestion of the players, a mechanism has now been introduced in which raw materials necessarily above a certain quality are needed to create certain products.

    Also, if earlier it was necessary to pay only in cash for an increase in the level of buildings, now it may be necessary to fulfill the so-called tender. Tender is also a kind of product requiring various raw materials. When it is completed, it may be the subject of purchase / sale.

    Thus, the game is made by you - the players, and we are waiting for you. It is assumed that players will develop the game world to modern times and go further creating cyber organisms :) But for now, this is still a long way off - but you can be the first!

    Introducing an artificial market?

    Initially, I did not want this. And earlier I wrote exactly the opposite

    the question arose, and where to get the money supply? If it is issued through fictitious demand, then again we get an artificial market. Then an interesting idea occurred to me. Money must be provided with something. In reality, gold or a state obligation to always receive goods for money. But what is really appreciated by players playing browser games? And then I realized - time is money, and vice versa. There was also such a fantastic film where people earned and paid for their time. So in the Cyberset game, everything is just that - money is given out at $ 1 per second spent on the creation of goods (except for the case of automated production by a craftsman). And at the end of production, you receive both the goods in the warehouse and the money. It would seem a little strange. But consider this a new social system, where everyone is allowed to print money depending on the time spent on production. And then begins the most that there is no natural market - you buy, sell, rob the time of another player who has earned more - he is in the top of the best players.

    Alas, in conditions of a small number of players, this idea does not work. Here, of course, it also affects the fact that the audience of economic games is not so large and it is difficult for players to think through economic development schemes and set prices. Everyone wants to develop a character with one click, so the markets in the game are not developed. It turned out, as it were, a little incentive for the player, since everyone himself can “print money”.

    Therefore, it was necessary to introduce a government that buys goods at prices close to world prices. World prices take into account the time spent on the production of the product and all its components. Prices in a particular city change - if there is no product on sale in the city, the price increases by 1% (there is an upper chapel), if there is a decrease by 1%. And competition issues are solved by the following approach:

    In the city, for each product per gaming day, only one position is selected for purchase - the best combination of price / quality. Each product has its own liquidity, and depending on its government a certain amount of money is allocated for the purchase if there is not enough money for a unit. product, then nothing is bought, but allocated cash is accumulated. If money is bought, then the number of how much money is allocated for this product.

    But this artificial market is still not the same as in other games. There is a clearly distinguished character "government", and only it prints money. A record is kept of how much cash it spent on purchases. But the "government" also has income - cash, which is paid for increasing the level of buildings. Therefore, the economic system is closed and close to real, in contrast to the "dominance" of open economic systems that have nothing to do with reality.

    Perhaps in the near future the government will also sell previously purchased products, transporting them to the capital. And thus, the government will become just a bot at the state level. Well, with sufficient development, other governments may be introduced, but already managed by player bots.

    Therefore, gentlemen, programmers - welcome, let's discuss the creation of bots for this game.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What is the first thing you need to work on in the game to complete the beta stage?

    • 32.4% above the concept as a whole 12
    • 21.6% over graphics 8
    • 32.4% Over interface usability 12
    • 8.1% Above the logic of the economic system 3
    • 5.4% over military battles 2

    What is your attitude towards introducing bots into the game?

    • 25.5% I am a programmer, and with pleasure I will write a bot for this game 11
    • 53.4% I am a programmer, but I am not interested in writing a bot for this game 23
    • 2.3% I am not a programmer, but I’m willing to pay to have a bot for me created for this game in my scenario 1
    • 18.6% I am not a programmer, and I think that bots are harmful for the development of this game 8

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