October Slerm: Intensive by Kuburnetes

    For those who want to master Kuburnetes or to deepen their knowledge, Slörm passes at the end of October. At Slurm, each theoretical block is practiced in practice: the participants deploy the Kubernetes cluster in the cloud, configure and troubleshoot it, ensure its reliability and safety.

    Participants Slurm-1

    Slurm-2 (October 25–27) - for those who only master Cuberntes: create a cluster and run the application on it.

    MegaSlerm (October 29–31) - for those who are already working with Cuberntes or have been to Slurm-1: create a production-ready cluster.

    Topics Slurm-2 and Megaslerm include all topics covered by the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam .

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    Why do you need Kubernetes?

    This is the technology of the future. Kuburnetes provides fault tolerance of 99.99%. Banks, application developers, SaaS, booking and ticketing, ordering a taxi, food and other services go to Kuburnetes.

    Experts with experience in deploying Kuburnetes are so in demand that Southbridge regularly receives offers to turn in an employee with the knowledge of Kuburnetes on an indefinite lease. Kuburnetes is the most interesting projects and big money.


    Where and how much

    Slurmy are held in the hotel "Tsargrad Spas-Teshilovo" This is a 5-star hotel with a rating on Bucking 8.5.


    Participation in Slorme-2 costs 35 000 ₽ (“Standard”, 2 people in a standard room) or 50 000 ₽ (“Introvert”, 1 person in a junior suite). Transfer, room and meals are included in the ticket. If you can't come, participate online — $ 15,000.

    Online is a broadcast of lectures, recording of broadcasts, access to a common telegram channel, assignments, access to git, to the cloud, and help with completing assignments. Everything is offline, just from home and without live communication.

    Participation in Megaslarme is 75 000 ₽, online - 35 000 ₽.

    If your company is interested in Kuburnetes, you can arrange a business trip for training. If you pay out of pocket, the price still bounces quickly.

    When we organized Slurm-1, we bought 50 places in 10 days.

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    website Megassler website

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