If I were doing another Monkey Island

Original author: Ron Gilbert
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From the translator:
Hello Habr! This Friday I want to share with you a wonderful article by Ron Gilbert, a renowned game developer, programmer and producer. This man gave us Monkey Island, Guybrush Threepwood, and Le Chuck's Ghost Pirate (zombie). I think that many Habrachians spent many hours in the early nineties, trying to go through exciting quests, overwhelmed with excellent high-quality humor. Alas, Ron does not have the rights to the invented franchise and a year ago he shared with readers of his blog http://grumpygamer.com what a new game would be if he took up its development. With the kind permission of the author, I present the translation of this article to you.

If I were to do another Monkey Island ...
Yes, I know the title is similar to the title of the bookO.D. Simpson . I realized this after I printed it, but I'm not going to change it.

And before I start writing this bizarre post, I want to clarify ... I will even make this the first point. No, not even the first two points. Perhaps this is the most important.

1 - I do not do another Monkey Island. I have no plans to make a new Monkey Island. I do not even formulate plans to create a new Monkey Island.

2 - I repeat. There is no Monkey Island at work and I do not even have plans for this. I just wanted to invite you to immerse yourself in my thoughts and dreams. I ask you not to stick your hands out of the boat for the duration of our trip. And do not get up so as not to get wet.

But if I still did the new Monkey Island ...

3- It would be a game that would take us back to the first and second parts of Monkey Island. I would make it enhanced low-res. Nice clear pictures in retro style, but complemented by the iron that we have today: parallax, depth of field, warm glows and more. All those things that we wanted to do back in 1990, but could not. Monkey Island deserves it. He is authentic. He does not need 3D. Yes, I saw the video, it’s cool, but Monkey Island should be what it is. I would like the game to be the way we all remember it.

4- The game would be very difficult. She would be an adventure game just like the ones that made that era so amazing. No instructions or hint systems. No bastard puzzles, no fast food. The game would be hardcore. You get stuck. You will not succeed. Some riddles will be difficult, but absolutely all will be fair. This is the very aspect of Monkey Island that I'm very proud of. Read this .

5 - I would get rid of "actions." I love “actions”, I really love them. It will be difficult to refuse them, but this is rubbish. This is not as scary as it seems. I have not yet thought through this idea. Not that I think about it, but if I did it (which I don’t do), I would definitely not think it over. I can change my mind, but it’s unlikely. Mmmmmmm ... "action."

6 - The most elaborate inventory. Beautiful large juicy icons full of pixels. In the very first version of Monkey Island 1 there was a text inventory, in later releases and in Monkey Island 2 there were huge icons in the inventory and it was great. You will love them so much that you want to lick them.

7 - The game will have a box. I understand that most copies of the game would be sold digitally, but do you really not want to delve into the box where all your adventure games are stored? I definitely want to! In addition, where else to store the code disk ?
Code disc

8 - The game would have interactive puzzles. These are not real puzzles, but we still call them that. The opportunity to tell four jokes at a time, just to fuss, get lost in the humor of the discussion - this is Monkey Island's corporate identity. No one has yet surpassed us in this. It seems to me.
The traditional duel of insults

9 - I would revive SCUMM . Not a specific programming language, but what SCUMM brought to the games. This language was created specifically for adventure games and fast iteration. The engine could do those things that LUA did not dream of . When LUA was in high school, SCUMM took his money for lunch. This, by the way, is a real story. SCUMM lived and breathed adventure games. I would build such an engine and language so that the ideas that we laughed at at lunch would be introduced into the game by evening. SCUMM did it. And this is something that is very lacking today.

10 - We would have a very small team. Not 30 or 20 people, but 10 or maybe even less. Of course, the development would take much more time, but the game would be individual and made with love. Monkey love(in the original “Monkey love” - phraseologism, meaning crazy animal sex, requiring some acrobatic training, approx. translator) . Stop ... No, I didn’t mean it ...

11 - The only condition under which I would be involved in the development of the new Monkey Island is that I must be the copyright holder. I spent too much of my life creating and developing what belongs to other people. I would not only let you, but even encourage the development of “fan games” based on the original. Please call the game “fan-made”, respect the game universe and characters, and don’t say what you all came up with. Although, when lawyers got to the last sentence in this paragraph, they would turn it into seven pages of text.

12 - The game would be called Monkey Island3.A . All games in the series that came out after Monkey Island 2 do not exist in my Monkey Island universe. I apologize to all the talented people who worked on these games, to all the people who love them, but I would like to continue from where I left off. No luggage. At the carnival. This does not mean that I will not steal a couple of good ideas or characters from other games. I am NOT above this.
The final scene of Monkey Island 2

13 - The game would not be the Monkey Island 3 that I was going to do in 1992. Today I am not the one that was then. I would not be able to do it now. That game is lost in time. But I hope that the new game we are talking about would be better.

14 - The press would not receive a copy in advance. I know why they ask to send them copies in advance, all these reasons are really objective. But still, in my opinion, they should play the game at the same time with you. I hope they don’t take offense at me. My karma on Metacritic.com also hopes that they will not take offense at me.

15 - The game would be voiced completely. We dreamed about this in the past, but today we can do it.

16- If I decided to use Kickstarter, then there would be no funny videos with me in the title role, trying to look charming (as if I can). No concept art, no pompous promises, crazy stretched tasks, sky-high rewards. Everything would be simple and honest. Such an approach would free me from the hype and other irritants that could prevent me from making my best game. Yes, indeed, I could not earn a lot of money and break any records, but this is not what I aspire to. I want to make a game.

17- The game would be the game that I would like to create. No need to press me and try to force me to make the game that you want me to do. I would be gone for a long time. I would not keep you informed and would not spin the hype around the game. Sometimes, I would share with you the things that amused or impressed me. If you let me do all this, you will love the game. I promise you that.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I wrote it all.

Ron Gilbert, 04/15/2013

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