Happy programmer's day: several educational training robots for children

    For September 13, the core holiday - the Programmer's Day - was fixed. We have collected a small selection of electronic designers and circuit boards, which are designed to involve children in programming.

    Jimu Astrobot

    Designer-robot offers to create one of three characters for subsequent communication with them.

    The work is built from simple to complex: the application has several sections. For example, in the “control” section, the most primitive way is with the help of a joystick.

    The “actions” section includes pre-defined movements that demonstrate what the robot can be capable of: movement, color, sound. The most valuable from the point of view of teaching or introducing a child to the programming process is the actual “Programming” section.

    Here, with the help of Blockly, the child can independently register the script of the robot's actions, make him perform certain movements in a certain sequence. The advantage of such a robot is that the assembly process itself is fascinating: it’s still a designer.


    Language Blockly familiar reader of our blog and another toy - Ozobot . Unlike Jimu, “Ozoboty” work out of the box, but also offer several ways to control it, including simple programming.

    One of the easiest pieces is that robots walk along lines, distinguishing between their colors, the combination of which can act as different teams.

    Also in the Ozobot application there is a set of simple games for young children, tasks and puzzles. And, of course, robots can be programmed to perform command-movements without a sheet and a marker. There are currently presented two models and accessories for them.


    One of the most well-known and fairly affordable ways to join the basics of programming remains the Amperka - multi-level electronic designers help create their own smart devices based on Arduino, Linux ...

    Of course, the most expensive is positioned as a gift set . For 16 thousand children will receive not only a set of electronic components, but also a learning book for independent work.

    This manual is designed for 17 sessions, during which the young programmer will create their own smart gadgets based on Arduino. The kit includes more than 150 components, with no dangerous actions to do: everything is assembled on the basis of the designer.

    In the assortment there are boxes and cheaper .

    Wonder Workshop Dash

    A pretty cute Cyclops, who consistently instills an interest in programming, and the external “nyashny” type of bot, with which I want to spend time, probably plays a significant role.

    Dash provides quite ample opportunities for communication: light, sound, movement. At the same time, his reactions can be tuned to some external stimuli.

    At present, several applications have been developed for the robot, which fully demonstrate its abilities, while the robot itself will suggest exactly how to control it through the program.

    In simple applications, the robot is proposed to control not according to an algorithm, but in real time, but at the same time add interactivity to it through pre-set movements. Also, the robot can be “programmed” with lines along which, like Ozobot, it will follow, and, of course, set the algorithms of action with the help of Blockly.

    Dash is the most "humane" of this collection, it can react to movements and sounds, turning its head towards you, as if looking at you. A kind of geek pet.

    Happy holiday!

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