InfoTex opens the door

    InfoTeKS Open House Day was held recently. Students from leading universities (Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, REU named after Plekhanov, NII MEPhI, etc.) were invited as guests. Young specialists asked a lot of interesting questions about the company, industry, development and research, as well as:

    We also decided to tell you everything in detail and note that active and talented people can always visit the “ vacancies ” section on our website to keep abreast of events .

    Ok, let's talk about it :)

    InfoTeKS is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware and software VPN solutions and cryptographic information protection tools. This is one of the few Russian companies that invests business resources in attracting and training talented employees, and also seeks to support the development of their scientific and research activities thanks to the InfoTex Academy, which you can participate in competitions now . Work in InfoTex is a real opportunity to take a direct part in the development of the industry. This is the first thing students learned during Open Day.

    InfoTeKS Open Doors Day has become an excellent opportunity to meet with the heads of company departments, ask interesting questions regarding the choice of a future profession and discuss the possibility of your employment.

    As part of the InfoTeKS Open Doors Day, a Deep Inside workshop was held, at which company experts not only talked about, but also showed how an attacker could gain unauthorized access to corporate resources and how to prevent such situations from occurring.

    Well, of course, they organized a tour of the office.

    And in conclusion, I just want to say ...

    Do not forget to follow the development of events on our website and ask questions.

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