Honda's new Asimo Robot is the most humane of all

    The presentation of the new Asimo Robot model in New York on April 16, 2014.

    Just yesterday, Honda North America showed off a truly amazing robot that can not only pour liquid, but can also walk up and down stairs, open bottles, serve drinks, and politely if necessary. shake hands.

    "Hello New York! Thank you for coming today! " - The first words miracle of a robot at a debut in downtown Manhattan.

    Like a miniature astronaut, Asimo is dressed in a white suit and helmet. Total height is about 130 cm and weight is about 50 kg.

    ASIMO (short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) - was designed to help people with disabilities. The first model was introduced in 2000 after 14 years of research, during which scientists studied human movements in an attempt to repeat them.


    The last demonstration showed the flexibility and balance of the robot - Asimo can now jump, also knows sign language and has the ability to move at a speed of 9 km / h.

    Researchers believe that one day Asimo will be able to help older people who need constant care, as well as people with disabilities.

    Honda has been developing androids since 1986. For 2009 in the world there are 100 copies of Asimo. The cost of producing one copy does not exceed $ 1,000,000, and some robots can be rented for $ 166,000 . Most interesting, Honda does not sell their robots, but only rents them out.

    Every year, Asimo gains new opportunities, which helps him become more perfect. Here is a short list:
    • Recognition of moving objects
    • Gesture recognition
    • Recognition of the environment
    • Distinguishing sounds
    • Face recognition


    In fact, soon the world will nevertheless be able to see the first robot that has human-like features in behavior, which will make it an indispensable assistant.

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