The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week No. 350 (January 28 - February 3, 2019)

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    podcastWeb Standards Podcast, Release №159: Three years on the air, Events, JS Developers for TV, Chrome, Safari, PWA, Safari and JS Core, CSS vs. JS, ES2019
    videoFrontSpot Show # 1. Is Dan Abramov an impostor? Flow not float? And who is he - the king of nishtyakov?
    podcastRadioJS podcast Issue 55: Node.js on the backend - is it a real backend?
    podcastdevschacht podcast: 68: Inconvenient questions to GraphQL
    Frontendpodcast Youth (18+) podcast # 82 How lodash changed javascript
    videoTournament: “Best web feature 2018” (PART 1)

    Web development

    How to write good and understandable code
    HTML, CSS and vanishing entry points to the industry
    GraphQL guide for beginners
    CSS and JS at war: how to stop it
    enHTML is and has always been the goal of compiling - can we do something with this?
    enThe Google Play store is now open for Progressive Web Apps.
    en“Backend” front-end development.
    enAn overview of the most interesting offers for the web platform related to web components.


    How position: sticky in CSS actually works
    enA look at CSS shifts in 2019
    enMany ways to change SVG fills when hovering (and when to use them)
    enCSS-in-JS and static rendering
    enCSSans Pro is a new color creative font


    • The habrprice of composition in the Javascript world
    habrEcmaScript 10 — this year's JavaScript
    habrWhy is TypeScript the basis of every new web application in PayPal?
    What's new in javascript 2019
    enFuture javascript: what else is missing?
    enStatic vs Unit vs Integration vs E2E testing for frontend applications
    enReact vs Angular: detailed comparison
    enThree more ways to visualize JavaScript status
    enNew releases: TypeScript 3.3 , Babel 7.3 , Jest 24


    habrIn 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 10
    Release Firefox 65 , as well as details for web developers on Marat Tanalin’s blog
    WebRender for AMD / Intel video cards and protection against MITM attacks in Firefox
    Mozilla introduced another mobile browser
    Users complained about problems with certificates after installing Firefox 65
    What will happen to ad blockers after updating the Chromium API: Yandex Browser, AdGuard and Adblock Plus views


    Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Gutenberg
    Full disable Google+ for ordinary users is scheduled for April 2, the company warns of complete removal of data
    JavaScript has overtaken Java Rating HackerRank developer preferences
    As a virtual trading game artifacts may affect the real life
    What is the quantum computer and how it works
    • The state of artificial intelligence in 2019

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