Hollywood movie studios sue Megaupload for $ 500 million

    Yes, it’s a little strange: Megaupload is no longer there (by the way, more than a thousand servers of the former file hosting are still gathering dust at the state warehouse as a material evidence), but there is a lawsuit against him and his administration (you can view or download from here ). Moreover, the lawsuit is rather big, claims of copyright holders are estimated in millions of US dollars. The lawsuit was filed jointly by prominent companies such as Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros.

    The lawsuit mentions three people from the Megaupload administration. It many times mentioned on Habré Kim Dotkom, Mathias Ortmann (Mathias Ortmann) And Bram Van Der Kolk (Bram Van Der Kolk). The essence of the lawsuit is the same: the copyright holders accuse the creators of the file sharing service that they, by distributing unlicensed content, made money on this. Yes, the administration deleted the url of some files on request, but the files themselves remained, and were available to the one who uploaded the file.

    According to copyright holders, Megaupload was created as a system that encouraged the downloading of unlicensed content (films, TV shows, games, software), which was then downloaded by other users. Losses of copyright holders, in their opinion, reached many millions of US dollars, including the so-called lost profits.

    The lawsuit itself was prepared by lawyers of copyright holders for many months, and only now this lawsuit has been officially filed.

    In turn, Megaupload lawyers claim that it was a “white and fluffy” resource where everyone could exchange files and also store their files for remote work, downloading data as needed. And all the requirements of the copyright holders were fulfilled upon request, according to the DMCA.

    The new lawsuit has been accepted by the United States Federal District Court for Virginia County, and promises to be a precedent for many similar cases involving all sorts of "cloud" data storages and file sharing.

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