Google Glass to help people with Parkinson's disease

    Google has launched a campaign to use Google Glass for those who can solve complex issues with this gadget. Five pairs of glasses were donated to the University of Newcastle, where experts began to make an assistant out of the device for people suffering from Parkinson's disease. Researchers want to help patients live more independently - and they already have results.


    The video is in English only.

    Applications that remind you of the necessary procedures are used to work with volunteer patients. For example, about taking medication or going to the doctor. Also, Google Glass will remind you that you need to swallow so as not to “drool”.

    Motion sensors prevent the patient from “braking”: noticing that he has not moved for a long time, the glasses “wake up” the owner by displaying visual cues. This is necessary in order to help “unlock” the brain.

    The project is at an early stage, but experts are confident that it has a great future. For development, any complaints and advice from volunteers participating in the experiment are taken into account.

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