Sound Show # 8 - Podcast on audio equipment, components, formats and technologies

    Hello! With you, “Sound Show” is a podcast for those who like to live, work, relax and move around, listening to their favorite music, podcasts or audio books at home, at work, on the subway or other means of transport. Starting from the very basics, we will help you get acquainted with the world of devices and technologies that can demonstrate the true sound of musical compositions.

    In the 8th issue, we discuss the ecosystem of sound and devices that surround us in everyday life, with Yuri Fomin, high-end speaker design engineer, founder of F-Lab, developing speaker systems for Defender brands, “Jetbalance”, “AVE” and “Arslab” (the most famous of them: “Defender” G-2.1, Volcano 1; “Jetbalance” 371, 381, 391; “AVE” DF 100, 102, 104; “Arslab” AC1 , AC3)

    The podcast is hosted by Dmitry Kabanov ( dmitrykabanov ).

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    We will be happy to discuss your point of view on creating a favorable “sound environment”, friends!

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