[video] How to put a person in place: 10 real questions about pressure in negotiations

    A video about 8 ways to counter the need formula turned out to be unexpectedly popular, gaining 8,000 views in two days. We decided to continue the topic.

    A few days ago, we conducted a survey among our readers about what issues in terms of negotiations they care about. Received several hundred responses, habitually drowning in their analysis. But when they emerged, they found that many people care about the topic of resisting pressure in negotiations.

    We selected the 10 most interesting questions, in our opinion, in this topic and again locked them in the studio of Dmitry Kotkin, the head of the St. Petersburg school of ShiP negotiators and our good friend, so that he tells what exactly to do:

    10 real situations that we managed to cover - under the cut:

    1. How to behave in a situation when during the presentation of the results of your work you hear from colleagues or the boss: "What kind of crap is this?"
    2. Negotiations with an initially negative / aggressive customer. How to repay the negative and translate into a constructive direction.
    3. How to arrange for a constructive dialogue a person who is dismissive of everyone who is lower in office (especially if this is a blonde ...)?
    4. How to reflect the opponent’s attacks in such a way as to make it clear that doing so is more expensive for him
    5. How to behave in stressful negotiations when colleagues yell at each other and are already switching to personalities, forgetting about the topic of the meeting. How to return the conversation to resolve the issue?
    6. How to quickly suppress the outbreak of negative emotions of the counterparty, which was a reaction to your proposal?
    7. How to respond if the other party makes deliberately idiotic demands / conditions? That is, they know that this requirement is unacceptable and will not be met, but put forward it to delay or disrupt negotiations.
    8. How politely to interrupt the interlocutor, who has suffered already in the wrong direction and he does not allow you to insert a word.
    9. I participated in tripartite negotiations for a day, where I alone represented my company, they pressed very hard. The question is how to withstand the pressure in tough negotiations?
    10. How not to squeeze under “unbending” argumentation (“buy an elephant”, for example) and bring the interlocutor to discuss mutually beneficial positions?

    We hope that this will add specific tricks to your arsenal - at least there will be something to experiment with in the near future.

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