Python Meetup: February Meeting

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Near-Python topics in Minsk are traditionally actively discussed on the last Friday of every month at the Python Meetup. At the February rally, Konstantin Danilov spoke with the theme of the report "Overview of the ways of writing competitive programs in python . "

Konstantin Danilov is an experienced software developer. He has written in python for more than 10 years. For the past three years, she has been with Mirantis on private clouds. Engaged in teaching python. He also has a blog about python, IT and virtualization .

In addition to Konstantin's report, under the cut, you can find three blitz reports from the lightning talks section at Python Meetup. Attention on youtube screen!

1. An overview of how to write competitive programs in python ,Konstantin Danilov

2. Pebble project , Stas Rudakov

3. Non standard library , Pavel Tyslyatsky

4. Google Summer of Code, Anatoly Babenya

Presentation links:

PS: Do not forget that on the evening of March 28 in the very center of Minsk the next Python Meetup will be held. Already now you can find out the program of reports and all the details of the event on our facebook page: .

See you!

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