Telecommunications operators and providers of Ukraine. Some statistics


    Not so long ago, we set out to carry out personalized paper mailing to all telecom operators and providers in Ukraine with information about our SAP “UserSide” . In Ukraine, the regulatory body in the field of communications is “National Commission, which is currently in charge of regulation and information technology” or NKRZI for short (“National Commission for State Regulation in the Field of Communications and Informatization” - NKRZI) .

    There are various registries on the official website, including the “Registry of Telecommunications Providers, Providers” we need (a link to it will be at the end of the article). This is an xls file with data on enterprises - telecom operators. It contains the name, contact details, types of licensed activities, territory of the activity. The register is updated after each meeting of the NKRZI. Actually, for the newsletter, we just needed the names of enterprises and their addresses.

    However, in the process of processing the document, quite specific ideas arose about the systematization of this document and the implementation of a statistical slice about the communication operators of Ukraine.

    As of February 25, 2014 there were 3938 entries in the registry. One record - corresponds to one enterprise. If an enterprise has several licenses in the field of telecom (several types of services or areas of activity) , then this will simply be added in the current record of the enterprise.

    Of them:
    • 82 records of excluded enterprises
    • 1620 records do not have an indication of the addressing and territory of work and were not suitable for accounting. The data on these enterprises were most likely entered when the register had another form and did not imply specifics. A long time ago.

    There are 2236 records left for processing.

    Although, according to the administrative division of Ukraine, the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol have a special status - I included them in the Kiev region and Crimea, respectively - for ease of displaying data.

    In the process of processing information, it was noticed that quite often there are two entries at one legal address - about two different license holders. As a rule, to optimize taxation, telecom operators receive a license for a legal entity and for themselves (director / founder) as SPD-FL (a business entity is an individual. In Russia, an individual entrepreneur). Also, sometimes enterprises with similar names or family members of founders - entrepreneurs, etc. are registered. The absolute record is 51 enterprises at one address. I won’t say where.

    The following table shows the distribution of telecom operators in the regions of Ukraine. It takes into account only those companies that operate only in this territorial area. Separately reflected are companies that work in the region as a whole or only in some city / region.

    Local telecom operators and providers


    For reference:
    • LLC - Limited liability company
    • PE - Private enterprise
    • SPD - Business Entity - Individual
    • JSC - Joint Stock Company
    • GP and KP - State-owned enterprises and Utilities
    • Others - concerns, command companies, companies with additional responsibility

    Just on this table the map is constructed at the beginning of the article.

    State-owned enterprises are a block of enterprises in which, as a rule, communication is not the main activity, but they need to fulfill their current production tasks - factories, ports, mines, power generating companies, educational institutions and others.

    There are 66 more companies that operate across the country, as well as a fairly large number of companies working in two or more areas at once. Information about them somewhat blurred the big picture - that’s why the data are divided into two tables. In the table that is presented below, “+1” was added for each area if a “related” company works in it. If the enterprise covers two areas, then in two areas it will be “+1”. If 10 areas at once - then in 10 areas "+1". Most likely, it will be more correct.

    The big picture by telecom operators and providers


    “Area” - meaning - companies that work only in this area
    “related” - companies that work in several areas


    Overlaying information on the number of telecom operators and providers on the map of Ukraine showed that the "density" of telecom enterprises is much higher in the eastern part of Ukraine. Subjectively, this can be attributed to the fact that population density and buildings are higher in the eastern regions - therefore, there is a higher demand for Internet per square kilometer. This stimulates the market and leads to increased competition.

    Russia also has its own Roskomnadzor registry ( ) - it contains less information, but it is sufficient for analysis. But that's another story.

    Link to the "Register of operators, telecommunications providers" of Ukraine:

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