DUMP 2014 Conference: ServerSide Section

    The Server Side section continues our series of posts on behalf of program directors .

    In this section there are two of them - Alexander Chernin from Naumen and Alexander Kazakov from SKB Kontur.

    Today, Alexander Chernin shares his opinion about who will benefit from the section, why programmers should attend conferences, and what awaits server developers on March 14 at DUMP .


    Any conference for speakers is an occasion to tell how they and their teams support fashion technology trends in their projects. Therefore, compiling the “Server Side” section is not at all difficult - there are teams, there are trends, it remains only to find out how these sets intersect. Oddly enough, from year to year the intersection is nonempty.

    We used intersection of sets in another aspect of preparation. Our section has two program co-directors. My namesake and I turned out to have a very different technical background, and on some issues even the anti-background. But when choosing the reports, we observed the agreement that the topic should suit both. This is some guarantee that the selected reports are really “in trend”.

    We will talk about building distributed systems.
    We will have a look at the problem in a complex from the Perm team AlternatePlatform. Alexey Quiring and Maxim Osin will talk about their platform for building the high-performance AlternateCore backend, hardened in the tank battles of the Tank Online flash game.
    We will also discuss the narrower aspects of distributed systems.
    Victor Grishchenko will interrupt the pumping of his startup in the FRII halls for a short while and talk about distributed logging systems.
    Alekasander Kokovin from SKB Kontur will reveal the secrets of distributed consensus algorithms and their implementation in ready-made libraries.

    Of course, we can’t get away from talking about the clouds.
    Alexey Mogilnikov will teach us to love the cloud infrastructure in general and specialized clouds in particular, and also describe the upcoming transformation of the profession of system administrator.
    And Danila Shtan from the team of the portal 66.ru will tell you all the most interesting about Docker technology in just half an hour.

    Another trend is the active inclusion of full-text search subsystems in the products. One such subsystem based on a cluster of Sphinx servers will be described by Andrey Tytsky from Abak-press.

    Two reports on Continuous Deployment systems will be made in our section.
    One of its authors, the evil Martian Kirill Shatrov, will talk about the Capistrano framework for building deployment systems.
    And Konstantin Beklemishev from Naumen will tell about a ready-made and working deployment system built on the basis of a spectrum of linux-technologies.

    And we also listen to reports on eternal topics.
    We learn the kung fu search for bottleneck-s performance in Yandex style from Mikhail Epikhin.
    The real python programming guru, the creator of the flask web server, Armin Ronacher from the good old England, will bring a report on the good old PostgreSQL, which, according to Armin, can give odds to fashionable NoSQL repositories. This presentation will be made in English.
    Another guru, creator of the aforementioned Sphinx search server, Andrei Aksenov, will also talk with an audience on SQL vs. NoSQL, this time considering it from the side of the used data structures and algorithms.

    Of course, software development in Yekaterinburg is very diverse and you cannot pick up topics that will be of interest to absolutely any programmer. But we hope that each of the presented reports will be interesting in its own way and will help satisfy the technical curiosity of the audience. Or, conversely, add fuel to the fire, make you take a couple of days off experimenting with the creation of more and more bizarre PetShop-s and HelloWorld-s.

    See you in a week in Yekaterinburg at DUMP # 14 !

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