Over $ 1 billion raised through Kickstarter

    Today, March 3, 2014, the amount of funds raised for the implementation of projects through the Kickstarter crowdfunding website exceeded one billion dollars from 5,708,578 people in 224 countries.

    The site continues to grow rapidly: more than half of this billion came in the last 12 months. Schematically, the size of donations is monthly shown in the diagram: from April 2009 to February 2014.

    Kickstarter also published statistics for all countries.

    Russia: 15 183 buyers, $ 3 347 742
    Ukraine: 2250 buyers, $ 371 389
    Kazakhstan: 363 buyers, $ 60 590
    Belarus: 0 (for some reason there are no statistics, although Kickstarter users are definitely there)

    Well, the most active were buyers from the USA ($ 663 million), the UK ($ 54 million) and Canada ($ 45 million).

    1.7 million people, that is 29.6% of users, funded more than one project, and 15 932 activists funded more than 50 projects. Repeated Buyers secured $ 619 million of the total billion investments. 86%the collected money went to real financing of projects, the rest fell on unsuccessful projects, for which it was necessary to return funds. Although, the number of unsuccessful projects (74 047) actually exceeds the number of successful (57 128).

    Interestingly, most money is donated on Wednesdays.

    Of the days in the month, the happiest is the 13th day of the month. The absolute record was set on March 13, 2013: more than $ 4 million from 54,187 people.

    Antirecord - the first day of the site’s work on April 28, 2009: $ 1084 from 40 people.

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