iStodo: a cross-platform organizer for students

    Today I want to talk about a program that I lacked all my studies at the university.

    We have long been accustomed to the fact that every day we have to think about what task to do today, and which can be postponed until the session . Planning for more than a week is difficult, because you have to regularly spend time on it. Silabuses, plans for deadlines, too, can not be called visual. Each time, watching the schedule online or, especially, in print is also not very convenient. Well, for the session, many have trouble in general - you need to keep in mind what is left to get for each subject, somehow tamp it into an already tight schedule.

    iStodoIt helps to plan and distribute the load for the semester ahead, to prioritize tasks, to control deadlines. You can customize the schedule for yourself, for example, remove parallel pairs of the second subgroup from the grid, or vice versa, add teacher advice. All information for the week is presented in a visual form, on one screen - there is no longer a need to use disparate tools.

    To facilitate planning, the ability to batch work with tasks was added, that is, automatic generation of a series of tasks with a given frequency: once every few days, weeks, or months. There are filters that allow you to hide completed tasks or show tasks only for specific subjects.

    The visual editor of the schedule helps to add a couple in three clicks - you just need to choose the teacher, subject, and type of pair from the lists. A schedule of differing (even / odd) weeks is supported.

    At the moment, a version for mobile platforms is under development, for viewing the schedule on smartphones, you can still use the export to iCal format.

    Key features of the project:

    • Powerful task system:
      Work with series of tasks, filtering, priorities, deadlines
    • Visual schedule editor
    • Schedule support from different (even / odd) weeks
    • Main OS Support:
      Windows, OS X, Linux
    • Ability to export schedules and tasks in iCal format:
      Allows you to view the schedule in the calendar of your smartphone
    • Ability to create backups:
      Allows you to transfer all information to another computer, share with classmates
    • Adapted to netbook screens (1024 * 600 px)

    PS You can download the organizer on our website:

    PPS The program is written using the Qt 5 library, the design is implemented through the QSS style sheets. In the process, we got a lot of interesting experience that we plan to share as part of this blog.

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