A little closer to perfection



    The oven has not yet cooled after baking yesterday's assembly, and we are already serving a new, even more delicious dish - the test assembly Vivaldi 2.0.1296.4. Actually, there are few fixes, but now the media data has been earned in the version for MacOSX. All that is needed - under the cut.

    Files to download:

    Windows 32-bit for Win7 +
    Windows 64-bit for Win7 +
    Mac 10.9+
    Linux RPM 64-bit (recommended)
    Linux RPM 32-bit
    Linux DEB 64-bit (recommended)
    Linux DEB 32-bit
    ARM 32-bit
    ARM 64-bit
    Linux non-DEB / RPM : curl -sL https://vvld.in/inst-lnx | sh

    Complete changelog:

    - [Regression] [Mac] [Media] AVC / AAC do not work with MSE VB-42787
    - [Regression] Crash while saving images from VB-43122 development tools
    - [ Regression] Search in the settings does not display some elements VB-42959
    - [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work after the tabs are switched by the mouse wheel VB-43127
    - [Regression] Crash after mouse gesture 'Open the link in a new tab' VB-42908
    - [Mac] [Installer] The installation window does not look right when the display of hidden files VB-43163
    is on - [Web Panel] [Speed ​​Dial] User-added recommended pages must hide from the VB-43024 list We

    remind you that the weekly assemblies are test, so do not forget to make backup copies of important data. You can report any errors found at the same address .

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