Useful materials for mobile developer # 42 (February 24 - March 2)

    In this selection * analysis of mobile gaming trends for 2014, blocking Apple accounts of Russian developers, a rather pessimistic forecast for the development of the industry from Oleg Yakubenkov, news from MWC, a new consolidated rating of product developers.

    10 mobile gaming market trends in 2014

    It is always interesting to predict what will happen in the future. The year 2014, for the mobile games industry at the peak of its development, will definitely be rich in events that can make serious changes in the alignment of forces in the market.

    2014 Unified Developer Ratings

    The ranking was performed only for the agent segment - companies developing custom applications.

    Is cross-platform development on Titanium a terrible end or horror without an end?

    We consciously want to move away from evaluations - is it bad or good to develop cross-platform applications, and focus on the difficulties that you will encounter in terms of developing and maintaining these applications.

    Apple massively blocks developer accounts from the Russian Federation

    On February 19, information began to be massively reported to iOS application developer forums that Apple for no apparent reason was blocking development accounts from the Russian Federation with the phrase "Apple has good reason to believe that you violated this Section due to documented indications of fraudulent conduct associated with your account" , which is essentially a charge of fraud.

    Mobile application market. Why your mobile application has little chance.

    As one of the speakers at the Product Camp conference said, in the mobile app stores there is an arena where all popular apps fight, getting users and money, and there is a cemetery where the remaining million apps lie. Unfortunately, in view of the reasons discussed earlier, the chances of getting into the arena every day with new mobile applications are less and less, the chances of a mobile application becoming profitable.




    Marketing and monetization


    * Yes, this is a continuation of the weekly digests that I did for Apps4All. Unfortunately, our paths diverged, but didn’t leave the good deal halfway? If you have ideas how to improve the selection or materials that are not included in it - write in a personal.

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