Chrome Extension: Microsoft KB English Only

    For those who often go to the Microsoft Support pages (*) and do not like obsessive automatic translation into Russian, I present the extension for Google Chrome.

    Suppose you switch from the search results to one of the Microsoft Support pages:

    Although the preview text is displayed in English, after clicking on the link you will see this:

    To open the original English version, you must explicitly indicate the language at the end of the address: / en- us .
    I’m so tired of doing it every time that I decided to write my own extension. And at the same time, learn how to do it.

    The proposed extension will automatically redirect the open Microsoft Support page if its language is not English: -> en-us en -> en-us en-us -> no redirect

    A button appears in the address bar, clicking on which you can open the page from which the redirect was performed (i.e. translated):

    Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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