Anticipation of the inevitable



    And again, after a long wait, we are releasing a test build. It is, let's say, promising, but without details. As you can see from the list of changes, we fixed many regressions and added several new functions, and, as planned, updated to the new Chromium 69 core. I can say that the situation with regressions becomes less problematic - the update to the new core was relatively successful. However, we are waiting for messages and feedback about the browser from you. We are all interested in making the next stable version really comfortable and of high quality.

    That's all for now. Known issues:

    - [Mac] Problems with media content


    Windows 32-bit for Win7 +
    Windows 64-bit for Win7 +
    Mac 10.9+
    Linux RPM 64-bit (recommended)
    Linux RPM 32-bit
    Linux DEB 64-bit ( recommended)
    Linux DEB 32-bit
    ARM 32-bit (test build)
    Linux non-DEB / RPM: curl -sL | sh

    Full list of changes:

    - [Regression] [Mac] Chromecast menu clipped VB-42339
    - [Regression] [Mac] Swipe navigation does not work VB-42997
    - [Regression] [IME] CJK IME does not work in the search box VB-42869
    - [Regression] Address line delay when switching to full-screen mode VB-37334
    - [Regression] Audio icon on the tab does not disappear VB-42711
    - [Regression] Scrolling of PDF documents with the cursor keys VB-41191 does not work
    - [Regression] Closing the tab in a group creates more cells than tabs VB-42838
    - [Regression] The context menu does not work after attaching and detaching development tools VB-42347
    - [Regression] Crash when unpinning development tools VB-41653
    - [Regression] The favicons on the VB tabs disappear -29624
    - [Regression] The bright frame of the search buttons on the page in the dark theme VB-430 41
    - [Regression] Problems expanding development tools in the attached form VB-42449
    - [Regression] Does not close Vivaldi VB-34824
    - [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work on () popups. VB-42845
    - [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work when loading a page VB-41799
    - [Regression] No autofocus on URL on a new home page VB-42480
    - [Regression] The switch of the panels is hidden along with the panel VB-42859
    - [Regression] Correcting the sequence of tabs in the history VB-42265
    - [Regression] Entering text after selecting in the reverse order VB-42829
    - [Bookmarks ] Bookmark import from Edge VB-25227 does not work
    - [Download] Unable to close the download dialog from the keyboard VB-16552
    - [Extension] The “options” extensions menu button is not displayed for new versions of VB-27546 extensions
    - [Settings] Setting the minimum width of the active tab VB-42587
    - [Tabs] Flashing as you move the cursor over the tab close button VB-42769
    - [Tabs] Disable receiving tab color from page VB-42833
    - [Tabs] Unable to enlarge the tab bar to the left VB-42855
    - [Tabs] The unread indicator overlaps the other side of the tab VB-43042
    - [UI] New welcome page VB-39395
    - [Web Panel ] Corrections recommended VB-42814 pages
    - [Web Panel] Featured VB-42367 pages
    Upgrade to Chromium 69
    - Updated translations

    We remind you that the weekly assemblies are test, so do not forget to backup important data. You can report any errors found at the same address .

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