Monetization Twitter'a - a new solution

    We always know very well that there are a number of start-ups that have huge cash investments and market value, but at the same time do not know how to “make money”. And Twitter refers to one of them.

    A document appeared on the network that describes how to monetize Twitter. And everything looks so that you can buy goods directly from its interface.

    Now Twitter is in one step to close a deal with , which will provide the entire Backend for purchases via Twitter. As for the Twitter interface itself, it looks like at least one partner in the face of Fancy.comwill provide its products to Twitter users. This is all part of a new monetization program called Twitter Commerce.

    Journalists from found the image in the insecure directive of The image was not confirmed either on Twitter or on itself. But an internal Twitter source said it was one of the layouts created for further coordination with Twitter's sales department. Talks are also ongoing with other potential partners.

    Link to the giant image: Twitter layout

    It is worth noting that a year ago a similar experiment failed on Facebook because of a negligible profit.

    It remains unclear when this monetization method will be launched, how many partners will have on Twitter, as well as the percentage deductions for purchases are unclear. However, this is a great step towards Twitter. is an online merchandise catalog that has received over $ 75 million in investment. Part of its products is provided by retail chains, and part is loaded by small partners. Most of the traffic comes from social networks. Twittera co-founder Jack Dorsey is a member of the board of


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