Google enters into a contract with the sea cab

    Sometimes the discontent of “advanced” residents of San Francisco has no boundaries. So due to traffic jams that created corporate Google buses when delivering employees to work, the company decided to hire a private sea cab.

    Dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that Google buses used city stops to collect their employees. What caused delays in scheduled transport, as well as the envy of local residents who were not allowed on the company's buses. But the real motive is that the townspeople connect the rise in price of life in the city with the living in it of a well-earned horde of programmers. In general, the bourgeois came in large numbers!

    “We definitely don’t want to cause inconvenience to San Francisco residents and are looking for alternative ways to deliver our employees,” Google said.

    Since last week, Google began to deliver Google employees to work with the Triumphant high-speed catamaran, which can take on board 149 people at once, including the team. It is worth noting that earlier this vessel was used for expensive receptions, or rented for whale watching. San Francisco Port Redwood City boat trip takes 47 minutes.

    The ship makes four voyages a day: two in the morning and two in the evening. Whether Triumphant will finally become a corporate transport is not yet known at Google. They experiment and look at the mood and feedback of their employees.

    Meanwhile, Peter Daily, director of the port of San Francisco, hopes that other technology companies will lead the example of Google to him. There are a dime a dozen of them in the district, and the locals are dissatisfied with them no less than Google.

    For other technology companies that still use corporate transportation, authorities are considering charging $ 100,000 a year for city stops.

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